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Pearsall presents Rampage Turbo 10 (Celebrating 10 Years of Finrg)

Finnish freeform

Pearsall presents Rampage Turbo 10 (Celebrating 10 Years of Finrg)

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Mixed on two Technics 1210’s and a Pioneer DJM-600 in London, February 2012
(120:31, 275 MB, 320 KBPS MP3)

Zip pack (cut into individual tracks)
Large cover
Cue file

Style: Finnish Freeform – Celebrating 10 Years of Finrg

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Radio Times

Happy Friday!

I’ve got two cool bits of news to report today, that have come about as a result of doing Rampage Turbo 8 back in October. Firstly, DJ Meke (whose Nostrumo mix appeared on Sonicrampage last year) invited me to take part in DI.fm’s Oldschool Mix Marathon IV, which will be running from Thursday, 29 December 2011 at 00:00 until Friday, 30 December 2011 at 23:30. It took all of about five seconds to say yeah!

Check out who else is contributing mixes:

“the godfather of UK hard trance”

PROTEUS [Finland]
“resident DJ of Superstition club]

MEKE [Finland] vs YOKO [Germany]
“Flashback duo from DI.fm”

XYBO (Finland)

Fine company to be in! Meke asked me for an old skool trancecore mix, so I’m going to be putting together Rampage Turbo 9, and I’ve even bought in a few old skool goodies from Discogs for the ocassion! More details to come soon, but if you would like to join the Facebook event, click here.

Secondly, Stray from the Freeform Forum has been in touch to ask if I would like to be one of the residents on rotation for the Freeformaniacs show on KraftyRadio.com. Again, I’ve said yes, and I’ll be contributing an hour long old skool freeform mix about every nine weeks, probably starting some time in the new year. More details coming soon.

Exciting times!

Free Hardcore

… Music, that is, not pornography!

(Although to be fair a lot of the stuff featured in this post is truly filthy).

Anyways, as a special Bank Holiday treat, here are two excellent mixes from different ends of the hardcore spectrum, one hardcore techno, the other freeform hardcore. Both of these mixes are in zip files, and both are fecking excellent.


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Flip’s Freeform Mix

This morning I read that someone on USH.net was looking for Flip’s Freeform Mix; funnily enough, I had put it on my server ages ago for someone else, and had then forgotten about it.

Anyways, since Pearsall lives to give ( 😉 ), I thought that I would put a quick post up to draw your attention to it, since it really is a great mix, and if you are a fan of freeform hardcore you should definitely check it out:

Flip’s Freeform Mix


01. C.I.N. – Sacrificial
02. Carbon Based – Reactivated
03. Shanty & D.O.K. – Route 88
04. Dodgee & UFO – Timespan
05. Kevin Energy – Waves Of Desire
06. Tazz & Concept – Planet Of Dreamz
07. Oli G & Gammer – Photex
08. Impact & Exert – Power Of Acid
09. DOK & Dodgee – Inside
10. CLSM – Transmission To Mars feat Bello B
11. K Complex – Global Panic (Kevin Energy & K Complex Edit)
12. S4 & Phosphor – I Came For You
13. Carbon Based – Cyclone
14. Alek Szahala – Invitation

Flip is an old mate of mine that I met on the club scene many years ago, back when he was one of the resident dj’s with the Redtrip crew, who did parties at the Elektrowerkz and The Telegraph and a few other places from about 2002 to about 2005 or so. I played for Redtrip a few times, both playing drum n’ bass in the side room and playing techno in the main room, and I even wrote a review of one of their 2003 parties for Harderfaster.net, which I will reproduce below:

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