Free Hardcore

Hard banging stuff … very dirty (and free)

… Music, that is, not pornography!

(Although to be fair a lot of the stuff featured in this post is truly filthy).

Anyways, as a special Bank Holiday treat, here are two excellent mixes from different ends of the hardcore spectrum, one hardcore techno, the other freeform hardcore. Both of these mixes are in zip files, and both are fecking excellent.


First up is this classic mix from DJ Fury, which I originally picked up as a covermount on Dream Magazine, the magazine from Dream FM, the classic London hardcore pirate station that ran back in the 90’s. Yes kids, back in the day pirate stations even ran their own magazines, complete with lots of interesting (but often grammatically suspect) articles!

What made Dream unique for the time was that every issue came with a free mix cd, many of which were really good. Like, well, this one, which was done by DJ Fury to promote two compilation cd’s called Chemical Dance Culture that the Tecnojam label had just released. The promotion didn’t really help, since Tecnojam didn’t actually release any more comps afterwards, but fortunately at least this mix got made.

And it’s a hell of a mix, starting off with vintage early trancecore (or freeform as it was later to be known) before moving into some classic mid-90’s hardcore … breakbeats, big stabs, pianos n’ all. Something for all the family!

X-Trax - Chemical Dance Culture (Mixed by DJ Fury)

X-Trax – Chemical Dance Culture (Mixed by DJ Fury)


01. Helix – Testament
02. Cortex – Eurosis
03. DJ Fury & Helix – Y Not
04. D-Zyne & Fury – Hyperhydrosis
05. Justin Time – The No. 1
06. Helix – Helixia
07. DJ Fury – Droppin’ Bombs
08. Different Vibe – Can You Feel It
09. Billy Bunter & JDS feat. Gem – Let It Lift You
10. Highlife & Style – Bits and Bobs
11. We 3 – Groovy Dimensions
12. N-Zo & DJ Invincible – Trippin’ On Sunshine

Secondly, I have an excellent hardcore techno mix from a guy named DJ AK, which I picked up last year on the USH forum. Not much to say about this one, beyond the fact that it absolutely rocks! If you like your music super banging, this is for you.

DJ AK’s Classic Hardcore Techno Mix


01. Mr. Oz & Larry Lush – Northern Lights
02. DJ Meltron – Good Music
03. Silverplate – Attention
04. R. Wagner – Listen Carefully
05. Diplomat – Brainwave
06. Chosen Few – Danica
07. Technological Terror Crew – Where Angels Fear to Tread Remix
08. Chosen Few – The Break
09. Technological Terror Crew – The Ripper Remix
10. Dark Destination – Don’t Fuck With Me
11. Hellfish – Driven By Rage
12. Hellfish – Techno City
13. R. Wagner – Final Revolution
14. Hellfish – Terrorize
15. Dolphin & DJ Tox – Weak Motherfuckers
16. DJ Jappo & DJ Lancinhouse – Exlxaxl
17. Chosen Few – Kold Dayz
18. Chosen Few – All You Motherfuckers
19. Technological Terror Crew – UK Fresh
20. Dolphin & DJ Tox – Weak Motherfuckers