Pearsall presents Rampage Turbo 9

An hour of classic UK trancecore/freeform, originally smashed together for’s Old School Mix Marathon IV. Expertly mixed, totally crazy music! Only for the headstrong.

Rampage Turbo 9

Pearsall presents Rampage Turbo 9

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Mixed on two Technics 1210’s and a Pioneer DJM-600 in London, December 2011
(62:52, 144 MB, 320 KBPS MP3)

Zip pack (cut into individual tracks)
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Style: Classic UK Trancecore/Freeform Hardcore

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01. Cortex – Movin’ On (xy2)
02. Air Bomb – Sonik Kiss (Electric Kingdom)
03. Hard Trance – Last Project (Evolution)
04. Jon Doe – Hoover (No Trix)
05. DJ Energy – Twisted Sanity (Nu Energy)
06. DJ Energy – Future Dimensions Part II (Nu Energy)
07. Bang The Future – Body Slam (GBT)
08. Stu J & UFO – Resin-8 (GBT)
09. Digital Maneuvers – Temporal Rift (Bonkers)
10. Lab 4 – Reformation II (Alien Trax)
11. DJ Fury – Desensitize 98 (Stompin’ Choonz)
12. DJ Energy – Acid Dawn (Nu Energy)
13. Helix & Teknodred – Mindless Pleasure (Stompin’ Choonz)
14. Shanty, Tazz & Loopy – Outbreak (Tazz Remix) (Digital Beats)
15. Tailbone – In My Mind (Helix Remix) (GBT)
16. Menace II Society – Nothing Ends (Digital Beats)
17. DJ Fury – Lemonade Raygun (Back Room Mix) (Stompin’ Choonz)
18. Supreme & UFO – Paradise (Man From Uncle)
19. Trixxy – See The Stars (Bonkers)

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Ever since I did Rampage Turbo 8 I’ve been on a serious freeform kick, devouring freeform mixes from the likes of Plasma Dancer, Substanced (this was good too), Thumpa, Beezee, and more. It’s been awesome to reconnect with that genre, which I’d kind of stopped listening to for a while there, so when DJ Meke got in touch and asked if I would like to contribute a freeform/trancecore mix to’s Old School Mix Marathon IV I didn’t need to think twice before saying yes.

In all honesty, this mix is not too dissimilar to Rampage Turbo 8 … not that that’s a bad thing! Again, it’s a selection of some of my favorite early freeform tunes, with an emphasis of covering the key labels and producers with a balance between anthems and more obscure tunes. I was pretty excited to contribute this mix, and get some of the sounds heard by a wider audience, so I even went out and bought a bunch of tunes specifically for this mix from Discogs, including a few from hardcore legend Billy Bunter, such as Resin-8, the In My Mind remix, and Paradise.

One of the exciting things about getting asked to participate in the Mix Marathon is having the opportunity to introduce myself as a dj to a new audience. For me, therefore, it was very important that the mix be a good representation of my style as a dj – that it encapsulate in an hour my approach to mixing and building a set. Which means that the tunes selected had to cover different facets of the genre, as well as showing a clear progression from start to finish, and the mixing had to be more dynamic than just a faded segue every six minutes or so, with lots of long, deep mixes with plenty of cuts along the way. This is not necessarily to everyone’s taste, I recognize, because from time to time I’ve had complaints that my mixes have too much chopping and changing, but mostly people seem to enjoy the style, and I know I do, so it’s what I’m sticking with.

In any case, consider this the first salvo in a year of freeform from myself. First up will be Rampage Turbo 10 in either February or March, which will be an all-vinyl two hour Finrg special in honor of the Finrg crew’s 10th anniversary; complete with pics and an essay about the two weeks I spent hanging out with them and getting drunk back in the summer of 2003. I’ve also been asked to contribute to the Freeformaniacs show on the online station Krafty Radio, and my first mix will appear on the 5th of April. Later in the year I’ve been asked to play a classic freeform set in the main room at a London-based hardcore party, but the guy who asked me hasn’t been in touch for a while, so I dunno what the status is of that … hopefully that will still happen!

It looks like it’s going to be an exciting year! And what a way to start it … enjoy the mix!