Tuesday Goodies

Hi all, here are some goodies to cheer you up on this Tuesday evening.

First up, I’ve updated the XLR8R cue file frenzy post with five more cue files for five more mixes, including cue files for DJ Rolando, Roska, The Heatwave, 2562, and Kingdom. Enjoy!

Secondly, I recorded a grime mix about ten days ago. I’m still pondering it, but I reckon it’s a good ‘un, and having some positive feedback, I think I’ll post it as is. All instrumentals, all vinyl, all old skool. Nice.

Thirdly, I’ll be posting another guest mix in a few days, just need to write up a short post to accompany it.

Fourthly (!), I’ve been offered a slot in a special old skool mix marathon, so I’m going to do Rampage Turbo 9 … yet more old skool freeform goodness! If you liked Rampage Turbo 8, then you’ll love this.

Finally, here’s a little treat for you; it’s an old techno mix from Brooklyn legend Frankie Bones.


Cue File Frenzy – XLR8R Podcasts

London traffic
Traffic in London … totally irrelevant to XLR8R, which is in San Francisco, but such is life

Here’s a second edition of my cue file frenzy, in which I admit to my ridiculous obsession with chopping up online mixes for my own listening pleasure … and, having come clean, decide to share the fruits of my labors with you!

This time I’ve provided cue files for 20 mixes from the XLR8R Podcast series, as curated by XLR8R Magazine.


Updated November 29th, 2011

Podcast 105: The Heatwave’s Funky Bashment Mix (Cue file) – UK Funky/Dancehall
Podcast 106: Roska (Cue file) – UK Funky
Podcast 125: Martyn (Cue file) – Electro/House/Techno
Podcast 136: Ikonika (Cue file) – UK Bass/Dubstep
Podcast 137: Ben UFO (Cue file) – House/UK Bass
Podcast 143: MJ Cole (Cue file) – UK Funky/UK Bass
Podcast 147: Todd Edwards (Cue file) – Garage/House
Podcast 155: Guido (Cue file) – Dubstep
Podcast 156: Girl Unit (Cue file) – UK Bass
Podcast 160: DVA (Cue file) – UK Funky/UK Bass
Podcast 165: Bok Bok (Cue file) – UK Bass
Podcast 168: Toddla T (Cue file) – UK Bass
Podcast 170: DJ Food & DK vs Coldcut (Cue file) – All kinds of stuff
Podcast 172: Lil Silva (Cue file) – UK Funky
Podcast 175: Elijah & Skilliam (Cue file) – Grime
Podcast 178: Oneman (Cue file) – UK Bass
Podcast 179: T. Williams (Cue file) – UK Funky/House
Podcast 185: 2562 (Cue file) – Techno/House/Bass
Podcast 188: Kingdom (Cue file) – Bass
Podcast 200B: Mala (Cue file) – Dubstep
Podcast 206: Rolando (Cue file) – Techno
Podcast 207: Dark Sky (Cue file) – UK Bass
Podcast 210: xxxy (Cue file) – UK Bass/House
Podcast 216: Altered Natives (Cue file) – UK Bass/House
Podcast 218: Robert Hood (Cue file) – Techno
Podcast 227: Om Unit (Cue file) – Beats
Podcast 236: Champion (Cue file) – UK Funky
Podcast 254: Ben Sims (Cue file) – Techno
Podcast 264: DJ Stingray’s New Forms Mix (Cue file) – Electro

If you like UK Bass, make sure you check out my Taste The Rainbow mix, for my selection of the best bass tunes of 2011.

Also, if you enjoy this sort of thing, check out my guide to chopping up mixes.

Update 17/02/2013: Added links for the Om Unit, Champion, Ben Sims, and DJ Stingray mixes


Cue File Frenzy – DJ Extreme’s Hardscore

two pound lobster
This has nothing to do with music, it’s just a two pound lobster I ate when I was in Canada

Here’s a new series of posts I’ll be doing on Sonicrampage, where I’ll be pointing you towards cue files that I’ve made for chopping up mixes, with a focus on specific series of mixes, either from specific sites or from specific dj’s (or from specific dj’s specific sites, if we’re really getting pedantic).

Since I bigged him up a few posts back, it’s only logical to start with DJ Extreme’s Hardscore site, which is like a digital Aladdin’s cave of old skool hardcore/jungle/drum n’ bass goodness.

Sad bastard that I am, needless to say that I’ve been chopping up some of his mixes in my (frankly limited) spare time. I know I’m not the only person who likes his mixes (cheers to PlasmaDancer for the hat tip), so hopefully this will be helpful to others!

If you want the low-down to how to use a cue file to cut up a mix, check out my (comprehensive) guide. If you already know that stuff, then you can head straight here to grab the cue files I’ve already created, which thus far includes the following mixes:

1993 Hardcore Vol. 9
1995 Jungle Vol. 7
1996 Jungle Vol. 6
1997 DNB Vol. 1
The Bristol Mix Vol. 3
Smooth Grooves Vol. 2
Smooth Grooves Vol. 4
Smooth Grooves Vol. 5
Smooth Grooves Vol. 7

If you want the full link to the cue files, it’s

I’ll be adding more as I cut up more mixes.

PS: If you’re DJ Extreme, I hope you don’t mind, if you do, just drop me an email at pearsall[at]gmail[dot]com and I’ll pull them down.


Free Hardcore

… Music, that is, not pornography!

(Although to be fair a lot of the stuff featured in this post is truly filthy).

Anyways, as a special Bank Holiday treat, here are two excellent mixes from different ends of the hardcore spectrum, one hardcore techno, the other freeform hardcore. Both of these mixes are in zip files, and both are fecking excellent.