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Pearsall presents The Mechatronica Story + Mejle Interview (Berlin electro label & party crew under the spotlight)

Pearsall presents The Mechatronica Story

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Pearsall ยท The Mechatronica Story (A journey through the Berlin electro label’s catalogue)

Mixed in Berlin, September 2020
100% Vinyl
(54:18, 124 MB, 320 kbps mp3)

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  1. Umwelt – Mankind Origin (Mechatronica)
  2. Dez Williams – On The Verge (Mechatronica)
  3. Credit 00 – Streets (Mechatronica)
  4. Le Chocolat Noir – Maximum Capacity Reached (Mechatronica)
  5. Sync 24 & Luke Eargoggle – Broken Electronix (Mechatronica)
  6. Composite Profuse – Ausser Betrieb (Mechatronica)
  7. Kosh – Black Noise (Mechatronica)
  8. Cestrian – Speak & Spell (Mechatronica)
  9. Zeta Reticula – Formation of Life (Mechatronica)
  10. Assembler Code & Jensen Interceptor – HRL6 (Mechatronica)
  11. Norwell – Secret Transmission (Solid Blake Remix) (Mechatronica)
  12. Maelstrom – Heat Wave (Mechatronica)
  13. Zeta Reticula & Helga Neuer – Lumnisferatu (Mechatronica)
  14. Innershades – Aalst to Charlois (Mechatronica)
  15. Innershades – Cycle of Life (Mechatronica)
  16. Assembler Code & Jensen Interceptor – Turnin’ Headz (Mechatronica)
  17. L.F.T. – Red Pyramid (Mechatronica)
  18. No Moon – Bathtub Dub (Mechatronica)
  19. Dez Williams – Layin Down (Mechatronica)
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Mejle’s Sonicrampage Guest Mix


Mejle’s Sonicrampage Guest Mix

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Mixed in Copenhagen, July 2012
(52:16, 119 MB, 320 KBPS MP3)

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Style: UK Bass

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Pearsall presents Rampage Turbo 12 + I Love Hard Beats 2 Preview Interview

Tate Modern Turbine Hall

Pearsall presents Rampage Turbo 12

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Click to go to the I Love Hard Beats 2 interview!

Mixed in London, June 2012
(58:37, 134 MB, 320 KBPS MP3)

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Style: Classic freeform hardcore


Running a record store back in the day: An interview with Jay Equinox of Elite Records

Elite Records Victoria
The first incarnation of Elite Records … Jay Burgess at the far right

I love vinyl, always have, and I’ve always been a fan of record shops. In my teens and early 20’s I whiled away many happy hours in record shops digging through crates, listening to new tunes, and chatting with the guys behind the counter (see my discussion of record-buying memories here for more on that topic). Sadly, over time I have had less time and less disposable income to devote to record shopping, so to the extent that I still buy vinyl it is mostly online, and predominantly through Discogs.

One of my favorite record stores back in the day was Elite Records in Victoria, which I used to frequent for its excellent selection of new and back catalogue freeform hardcore, hard house, and hard trance, as well as for the laid-back vibe that was fostered by the two guys who ran the shop, Mike and Jay. Elite was open from 1996 to 2002, and was set up by Jason Burgess (aka Equinox) from Bromley, South-East London. As someone who spent many a pleasant afternoon at Elite (as well as a very healthy sum of money!), I thought it might be interesting to catch up with Jay about what it was like to run a specialist dance record store in the 90’s/00’s, back in the days when vinyl ruled the roost, way before digital downloads became the de facto standard for club dj’s. Happily, Jay has agreed to answer my questions, so read on for a fascinating insight into the ways of the old skool record shop:

(Obligatory internal marketing pitch! Check out some of Equinox’s tracks on my mixes Dreadnaut, Twist & Shake, and The One Last One, as well as on Tyssen’s Pendragon Tribute and Girdler Synthetic’s Frantic Classics … ok, you can carry on now)

Pearsall: To start with, when did Elite Records open, and where did the idea to open a record store come from?

Jay Burgess: I opened Elite Records in February 1996, a couple of years after I’d started casually running over the idea. I was a keen record buyer for many years, and, like many, I would do the rounds of various record shops in London and the South each week. I couldn’t walk past a record shop without going in – I’m sure others can relate to that!

Haha, I definitely can!

In essence, I thought having my own shop would be perfect.

Was there any significance to your opening in Pimlico/Victoria, or is that just where you found a space?

Absolutely. I had worked in Victoria for about six years managing a relative’s video rental business when a large chain store opened on the same street. While it wasn’t too damaging, it did make us question the long-term viability with such a rival close by and of course the changing media format at that time. It was decided that the video store was to close which then enabled me to take on the lease of the existing premises. It definitely made the transition more fluid in terms of having to search for the right premises. As much as it was an exciting prospect it was in equal measures a very real and daunting commitment at 21.

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Guest Mix: Flip presents Mentasm


Flip presents Mentasm

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Mixed in London, 2005
(67:08, 123.07 MB, 320 KBPS MP3)

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Style: Freeform hardcore

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Christmas Special: Andy Farley Talks Trade

Andy Farley

Merry Christmas!

As a thank you to all of my readers to your support over the last year I would like to present you with a nice Christmas present – an Andy Farley Trade special!

Over the past couple of years hard house legend Andy Farley (above) has put together two massive tributes to Trade, perhaps the most famous (or infamous) London gay club event of the last twenty years. Each tribute has included eight mixes covering over ten hours of Trade classics, from groovy US house through to full-power nu-nrg. Before today, these mixes were only available from upload sites like Megaupload, so I have now provided them with the permanent home that they deserve. The other thing that I have done is to split each mix into individual tracks, so now all of the mixes are now available as both a single mp3 and as a zip file of the individual tracks, with each mix series now also featuring a cover that I have done with the help of some Trade dancefloor images sourced from Flickr, the photo website.

To accompany the mixes, Andy very graciously agreed to be interviewed over the phone, and you can read the transcript of our conversation below, where he talks about his memories of Trade, his favourite Trade dj’s, the influence of the Trade ethos on his own career, as well as the story behind these mixes.