Pearsall presents City Groove: A Quick Luca Lozano Tribute

Pearsall drops a tribute to Klasse Wrecks label boss Luca Lozano

Pearsall presents City Groove: A Quick Luca Lozano Tribute

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Pearsall ยท City Groove: A Quick Luca Lozano Tribute

Mixed in Berlin, November 2022
100% Vinyl
(46:03, 105 MB, 320 KBPS MP3)

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  1. Luca Lozano & Mr. Ho – Kush Groove [Klasse Wrecks]
  2. Luca Lozano – No Team in Lozano [Super Rhythm Tracks]
  3. Luca Lozano & DJ Fett Burger – Telegronn [Klasse Wrecks]
  4. Luca Lozano & DJ Fett Burger – Totally Tangerine [Sex Tags UFO]
  5. Luca Lozano – Breakbleep [Super Rhythm Trax]
  6. Luca Lozano – Outer Space [Super Rhythm Trax]
  7. Luca Lozano – Gun Fingers [Hypercolour]
  8. Luca Lozano – Come With Me [Unknown to the Unknown]
  9. Luca Lozano – Essential Elements [Running Back]
  10. Luca Lozano – Blabba [Klasse Wrecks]
  11. ADSR – Haunted (Luca Lozano 3rd Summer Of Love Remix) [Elegal]
  12. Hans Berg – A Floor Of Stars (Luca Lozano What’s Behind A Black Hole Remix) [Klasse Wrecks]

One of my favorite producers of recent years is London-born, Berlin-based dj/producer/label boss/designer/graffiti artist Luca Lozano (talk about a renaissance man!). I’m a big fan of his style, which mashes up elements of house, breaks, old skool Detroit techno, bleepy 90’s techno, electro, and jungle to make a distinct take on house, one I’ve previously called ‘rugged house‘. It’s a distinctly old skool house vibe, one that lovingly recreates the chunky warehouse sound of the late 80’s / early 90’s … it’s a far cry from the stuff that dominates most modern house floors!

This mix isn’t anything too major, it’s just a little thing I put together to listen to on the train to Vienna last week (I had a job interview there on Friday). I’ve used some of his tunes before on mixes like Vibes Patrol, Don’t Give Up and Super Rhythmic Facts, and I thought it would be cool to put a bunch together into one mix. I don’t have a huge number of records by him, so I just used what I had and chopped them together.

Sometimes that’s all there is to it!

If you like this stuff, make sure to check out his label Klasse Wrecks on Bandcamp.

On a separate, basically unrelated note, the cover image was take in Astoria, Queens, where I used to live many years ago. I took it when I was back in New York in early October. It’s a great area!

Here’s some street shots of Astoria that I took while I was there. IMO this mix is perfect for a leisurely urban stroll.