Pearsall presents There & Back 002: February, UK Techno 2010-2024

A massive 35 track mix of modern UK techno on vinyl, featuring tracks by Dax J, Chris Liberator, Jerome Hill, Mall Grab, Ben Sims, Asquith, Om Unit, Mella Dee and more!

Pearsall presents There & Back 002: February, UK Techno 2010-2024

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Pearsall · There & Back 002: February, UK Techno 2010-2024

Recorded in Berlin, May 2024 (lol)
100% vinyl
(103:51, 250 MB, 320 KBPS MP3)

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  1. Pinch – Croydon House [Swamp 81]
  2. Boddika & Joy Orbison – Tricky’s Team [Nonplus]
  3. Inland – Fluxus [Counterchange]
  4. Drone – No Future (Giant Swan Remix) [Sector 7 Sounds]
  5. Fear-E – Silk [Acid Avengers]
  6. Paranoid London – Nobody Watching ft Mutado Pintado [Paranoid London]
  7. Jerome Hill – Walk the Plank [Hypercolour]
  8. Nightwave – Acid Mouse [Balkan Vinyl]
  9. Posthuman – Shifter [Balkan Vinyl]
  10. Mella Dee – Dev Green [Warehouse Music]
  11. Mumdance & Logos – Dance Energy (89 Mix) [Tectonic]
  12. Mani Festo – Sleepless in West Norwood [Lobster Theremin]
  13. Om Unit – Prophecy [Om Unit]
  14. Trevino – Spin Away [3024]
  15. Mella Dee – Run That [Shall Not Fade]
  16. Rob Stow – Chug [Don’t]
  17. Fear-E – Puro [Dark Entries]
  18. Ben Sims – Rippin’ & Skippin’ [Deeply Rooted]
  19. The Advent – Human Form [Klockworks]
  20. LSD – Process 11 [Monnom Black]
  21. Jerome Hill – Bunker 7 [Craigie Knowes]
  22. Luke’s Anger – GTO Style [Don’t]
  23. Chris Moss Acid – Querida [Balkan Vinyl]
  24. Asquith – Love is a Mystery [Asquith]
  25. Mall Grab – Positive Energy Forever [Looking for Trouble]
  26. Pearsall – Underground Sound [Sonicrampage]
  27. Division One – Pitch Invasion [Syntax Error]
  28. Dax J – No Redemption [Monnom Black]
  29. Bad Boy Pete – Dub Signal (Biri n’ The Geezer Remix) [Planet Techno]
  30. Chris Liberator & Sterling Moss – Acid Techno Wah Wah [WahWah]
  31. Chris Liberator & Sterling Moss – Rocksteady [Stay Up Forever]
  32. Perc – 240 Volts [Perc Trax]
  33. Dynamo City – Urban & Free (Perc Remix) [Stay Up Forever Remix]
  34. EDMX – 153 Mission [Ship Wrec]
  35. Pearsall – Crossbones [Sonicrampage]

Back in January I announced a new project for this year: a monthly crate-digging session where I dug into my massive record collection to make a new mix of interesting stuff. 

That was then and this is now … May?

So things didn’t really go to plan …

For reasons not worth getting into, I’ve found it hard over the last few months to get back into recording, which was maybe a bit of a hangover from moving last year.

Anyways, finally, three months late, here is the mix I had planned for February. And it’s a bit of a monster!

The series concept was to do mixes of around one hour, but this one is, uh, longer. Once I started working on it it kept sprawling and sprawling and getting bigger and bigger! It turned out to be impossible to keep this one to only an hour.

This mix started with a very simple concept in my mind, more of a question really, “I’ve bought a bunch of modern techno on vinyl in the last ten years or so, wouldn’t it be cool to do something with it?” 

To make it a bit easier to narrow things down, I decided to focus only on UK techno, because … well, why not? I used to live there for many years, am a dual citizen, and I do love the country. So sure, UK techno, let’s go!

That then led to the question of how to define UK techno – would it be only people who are actually British? What about non-British people working in Britain? Or what about Brits who were based outside of Britain? In the end, my approach was, let’s get real, this is just a mix, I’ll make the theme but I’m not going to be like an insane person about the fine lines of it. Hence why this mix has tracks from Mall Grab, a London-based Australian, Nightwave, a Glasgow-based Slovenian, and, uh, me (two tracks from my 2022 Squat Rocking EP).

When thinking about the ‘meaning of UK techno’, I decided that there isn’t really one distinct sound, but really a variety of sounds united mostly by a British sensibility, i.e. a bit more playful and less serious than, say, German or Dutch techno, and that therefore the only way I could do justice to a UK techno mix would be to attack it from all angles. In practice this means that the mix starts off pretty stripped-down and minimal, then goes through some chunky modern acid house (yes, not techno, I know), then into some bass-heavy dub and jungle influenced techno that could only come from the UK, some more loopy hardgroove-style stuff, then steadily more banging and intense, right up to some classic London acid techno, modern industrial techno from Perc and, finally, my own extremely uncompromising track ‘Crossbones’! 

It’s a journey!

Thanks again for listening, now that I’ve got my mojo back I plan to try to catch up quickly. If you enjoy this, check out my 4 hour epic from a few years back, Fake Berghain in my Spare Room.