Other People’s Mixes I Like, Part 1: Sekklow’s ‘Mind The Step’

OK, this blog is obviously to highlight my own mixes, but occasionally if I run across something else I like, I might as well highlight it, no?

In any case, I recently downloaded Sekklow’s ‘Mind The Step’ mix from Dubstepforum.com, and I think it’s awesome. Really it is! And so, in the absence of a new mix from myself (I am still planning on doing that Karim tribute one, I just need to find the time), I might as well write a few words of praise for this mix.
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Free CD Giveaway

As I was supposed to be playing drum n’ bass at my friend’s birthday party last night I decided to do a giveaway of Over The Horizon. I designed and printed out some covers and burnt off a bunch of copies of the CD to give out, but unfortunately due to a few different circumstances I never ended up playing. And, so, with about 15 odd spare copies I’ve decided to give them out through my own site to anyone who wants them.

Of course, you can download the mix from this site, but if you want a copy of the CD in its full uncompressed glory with a proper inlay, just drop a message in the comments with your email address and I will email you to get your address and post you a copy of the CD.

Please note: this is only open to people in the UK.