Pearsall presents Half Shelf Dubby Dip 2 [Old Skool Dubstep Mix for Begrime]

A proper crate-digging session, pulling out some vintage 140 bpm goodies.

Pearsall presents Half Shelf Dubby Dip 2

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Pearsall ยท Half Shelf Dubby Dip 2 [Old Skool Vinyl Dubstep set for Begrime]

Recorded in Berlin, August 2023
100% vinyl
(60:24, 138 MB, 320 KBPS MP3)

Cue file

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  1. Plastician – Japan [Terrorhythm]
  2. L-Wiz – Girl from Codeine City [Dub Police]
  3. Conquest – Forever [Dub Police]
  4. 2562 – Kontrol [Tectonic]
  5. xxxy – Rain [Pollen]
  6. Synkro – Wonder Why [Smokin’ Sessions]
  7. Silkie – Spark [Deep Medi Musik]
  8. Skream – Memories of 3rd Base [Digital Soundboy]
  9. Loefah – Natural Charge [Version]
  10. Kromestar – Witch Kraft [Southside Dubstars]
  11. Pinch – Punisher (Skream’s Heavy Duty Remix) [Planet Mu]
  12. Skream – Wibbler [Tempa]
  13. Skream – Guitar Hero [Sin City]
  14. Geeneus – Congo [Tempa]
  15. TRG – Less Music [Tube10]
  16. Von D – Coquine [Black Acre]
  17. Scuba – Klinik [Hotflush]
  18. Kode9 & The Spaceape – Time Patrol ft Chacha [Hyperdub]
  19. Martyn – Hear Me [3024]
  20. Search & Destroy – Secret Weapon [Destructive]
  21. Distance – 1 on 1 [Hotflush]

This is a mix I did a few months back for the Begrime crew. As with the first edition in the series, making this mix was extremely straightforward – I pulled out half a shelf of records, hit record, and improvised it. Good fun!

I have been listening to this mix quite a lot since I recorded it – I still really like this era of dubstep, so I think that I will continue with this series over the next year or two.

Five interesting tracks from this mix

Plastician – Japan

I kicked this mix off with this classic tune from Croydon’s own Plastician (formerly known as Plasticman), one of the great dj’s to come out of the whole grime / dubstep nexus. Originally appearing on his 2008 album ‘Beg to Differ‘, this is a beautiful track that marries a classical Japanese string sample to a rumbling bassline. Simple but powerful!

Silkie – Spark

Silkie was originally part of West London grime crew Unorthodox, responsible for the seminal grime classic ‘No Help or Handouts’, but by the late 2000’s he had shifted into producing some of the funkiest, jazziest, most soulful dubstep around, taking the minimalistic 140 bpm framework and adapting it in all kinds of exciting ways. This track appeared on his first album, ‘City Lights Vol. 1’, and it really encapsulates the sound that he was pushing at the time – danceable, melodic, and more vibrant than a lot of the morose halfstep that was so popular at the time.

Geeneus – Congo

Geeneus is best known as one of the co-founders of legendary London pirate radio station turned youth culture behemoth Rinse FM, as well as being part of the core production crew behind original garage legends Pay as U Go Crew, which then morphed into the even more legendary grime posse the Roll Deep Crew. Phew! Quite a resume, eh? Although originally best known for his hard-hitting grime tracks, he has always been a very versatile producer, and this track, produced for the ‘Tempa Allstars Vol. 2’ EP, is an excellent example of his skills behind the boards. A tribal-techno-garage-dubstep hybrid, it sounds like few tracks before or since, and basically commands you to dance. Rhythmic bliss.

Martyn – Hear Me

Dutchman Martyn has quietly carved out a niche for himself as one of the most interested bass-oriented producers of the last 20 or so years. Originally known for his drum n’ bass work, by the late 2000’s he had also become quite a hero on the deeper side of the dubstep scene, combining rhythmic flair with deep vibes, quality vocal samples, and powerful basslines. This track, from his 2009 album ‘Great Lengths’, is a personal favorite – I love that snapping beat, the soulful vocal snippet, and that bassline that combines both weight and groove. Lovely tune!

Distance – 1 on 1

This is an early dubstep track, released 2004, which showcases what dubstep was like before it became regimented into a formula of halfstep beats, heavy bass, and all-around minimalism. This is … not like that. This is crazy vocal samples, thrilling breakbeats, and punchy bass all layered together like one of those Asian noodle soups where every moment gives you something new, but every moment is also punching you in the face with raw power. A suitable track to finish with!