Pearsall presents Eurotrash 7

Pearsall presents Eurotrash 7

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Pearsall ยท Eurotrash 7 [Old SKool European Acid Techno Mix]

Mixed in Berlin, February 2022
100% Vinyl
(101:48, 233 MB, 320 kbps mp3)

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  1. Acrid Abeyance – 303 in Love [Important]
  2. Microwave Prince – Golden Times [Le Petit Prince]
  3. Origin – Acid! [Important]
  4. DJ Misjah & Groovehead – Psycho City [X-Trax]
  5. S.D.L. – Jumping Java [Labworks]
  6. Emmanuel Top – Lobotomie [NovaMute]
  7. The Micronauts – Get Funky Get Down (Daft Punk Remix) [Phono]
  8. Shawnee – Sioux War Dance [Drizzly Limited]
  9. Junk Project – Exceed [Universal Prime Breaks]
  10. Megamind – Taub [Nukleuz]
  11. Men of Noise – The Yeti [Definition]
  12. Gravital Force – File003.tmp [Nitric]
  13. Gabry Fasano – Jaiss Bangin’ (Bang Mix) [BXR]
  14. Acid Warrior – The Subject Is Me [Junkfood]
  15. Tesox – Wings [Plastic City America]
  16. Healium – Acid Horizon [Djax-Up-Beats]
  17. Intoxication – Walking [Poison]
  18. DJ Misjah – Ultimate High [X-Trax]
  19. Sudden Death – Semtex [Thai]
  20. DJ Toxic – Dropzone (Chris Liberator Remix) [Geometry]
  21. Pearsall – Pendulum [Sonicrampage]
  22. Human Resource – Beyond the Edge (Speedy J Remix) [XSV]
  23. DJ Misjah & DJ Tim – Access [X-Trax]
  24. DJ Push to Flush – Then You’ll Be It [Pro-File]
  25. Club Quake – Resurgence [Jerk]
  26. CJ Bolland – Counterpoint [Internal]
  27. DJ Bountyhunter – Recharged [Bonzai]
  28. Defcon 1 – Substrate [Nitric]
  29. Trax-X – Inter-X [Re-Load]
  30. The Montini Experience – Mind Expander One [Nitric]

It’s been six (six!) years since I last did a mix in my Eurotrash series of mixes of old skool European hard trance and acid techno, so, feeling in the mood, I’m planning to do four this year. Yes, four more!

First up is this mix of pounding European acid mania, mostly from the 90’s with a few from the very early 2000’s, plus my own track Pendulum (available here!).

Conceptually, the idea behind the mix is … pounding acid mania. From Europe!

And here I should probably clarify what I mean by Eurotrash being ‘from Europe’ means. At the most basic level, it means tracks from European artists on European labels in the genres of trance, hard trance, acid, and/or techno. European as in continental Europe, so artists / labels from the UK are excluded by design, as of course are artists / labels from outside Europe.

That’s the concept.

The reality is … a little more slippery.

At the end of the day this is just music and fun, and since there’s no one telling me what I can or cannot do with these mixes I can freely break these rules. Why not? This sometimes means that I have used UK records that ‘sound European’ (which is a totally arbitrary judgment that I make if a record doesn’t sound tooo UK hard housey), or I might use UK artists appearing on European labels (as with the Chris Liberator remix I used on this mix). Sometimes I’m just straight up guessing. These concepts are somewhat strict, but not that strict.

As anyone who has followed my mixes for a while might know, I tend to cycle in and out of styles and ideas over time, and so I’ve not been doing too much with this kind of classic acid for a little while – I guess the last mix I did along these lines was 30×3.1 back in 2019, so it was really time to dig back into my collection to put this together. Most of these tracks are appearing in my mixes for the first time, but I’ve also reused a few tracks that have appeared in mixes in the past – if I last used something 5+ years ago, let alone 15+ years ago, why not reuse it?

That’s about all I wanted to say for the moment, enjoy the mix and more is on the way shortly.