I live to give!

I love acid trance.

It’s great.

Really, I love it. A lot. And since I love it, I want you to love it.

Yes, you! You must learn to love acid trance! Or, well, your life won’t be complete (I promise).

But if you don’t know it, how can you love it?

Well, firstly, you can check out some of my own fine mixes:

Called To Valhalla
Eurotrash 3
Rampage Archives 1
Squat Rocking 1

They’re great! Honest …

Still not convinced?

Not to worry, I have a solution!



There are loads of ways to connect with me across the net, so I thought it might be useful to round them up into one post.

First up, I should mention my other blog, which is called Randall Helms DOT com and is about social media marketing. At the moment, I am finishing up an MBA at the University of Edinburgh Business School, and the last stage of this process is writing a dissertation. I am looking at how consumer goods (or FMCG) brands can best use social media to engage with customers (particularly their core customers). As part of this process I have been doing a blog (somewhat intermittently) for the last couple of months where I have been discussing the issues raised in my research. If you are at all interested in the subject, it’s worth having a look.

Secondly, for the last few months I have been on Twitter using the alias @sonicrampage. Mostly I use it to post links to music-related stuff, whether mixes, tracks, or interviews, but I also talk a bit about other stuff. If you are interested, please follow me!

On Facebook there are two ways to connect, firstly through my group Pearsall’s Mixes, which now has more than 140 members. More recently I’ve added a second option, which is to become my fan. I use Facebook mainly for sending out updates about new mixes; occasionally I might use it for other purposes, but don’t worry, if you sign up to either, I won’t bombard you with spam!

Finally, in the last two weeks I have set up an account at Mixcloud, which is an online streaming music service. I’ve only uploaded a couple of mixes so far, but as you can see from the number of plays I’ve gotten, it’s not exactly been a success so far! Anyways, it’s always worth trying these things, and if I want to make it work I’ll need to rethink my strategy.

I guess a better avenue of self-promotion would probably be YouTube, but since I know nothing about making video, that’s not a path that I’ve actively pursued. Having said that, if you are experienced with making video and want to collaborate on a project for YouTube, drop a comment below and I’ll be in touch, since I’m curious to see what impact (if any) it would have on the site.

So there you go, lots of ways to connect with me across the web! 😉


So, the people have spoken!

So, finally, voting for my next mix has finished, and the 81 votes break down as follows:

01. Heartcore (Old Skool Hardtrance) – 19 votes, 23% my next mix
02. Cold World (Techstep Drum n’ Bass) – 14 votes, 17%
03. Squat Rocking 5 (Acid Techno) – 11 votes, 14%
04. Beyond the Valley of the Acid Vixens (Acid) – 10 votes, 12%
05. There Must be a Future (UK Acid Trance) – 10 votes, 12%
06. Urban Takedown (Jump-Up Jungle) – 10 votes, 12%
07. Drop the Hammer 8 (Grime) – 6 votes, 7%
08. Now You’re Cool (House & UK Funky) – 1 vote, 1% which came from me, lol 😉

These are very interesting results, actually, which have a lot to say about who actually comes to this site and downloads my mixes. I’m going to chew over these for a few days and then post some longer reflections on this little experiment, but for the moment, I have to say that this has been quite eye-opening in terms of illustrating what people actually want from me (which is not necessarily what I feel like providing!)

Below the jump, check out the widget from Sodahead (the site I used to run the poll):


Pearsall presents Summer Snapshot

Pearsall presents Summer Snapshot

right-click on the title and save as to download

Mixed in Edinburgh, July 2010
(51:06, 88.98 MB, V0 VBR MP3)

Zip pack (cut into individual tracks)
Big cover
Cue file

Style: Dubstep


Pearsall presents Rampage Audio 2

Villa Gamberaia

Pearsall presents Rampage Audio 2

right-click on the title and save as to download

Mixed in Edinburgh, February 2002
(73:46, 117.22 MB, V0 VBR MP3)

My essay on Rampage!

Big cover
Cue file

Style: techno, hard house, and hard trance


Rampage Teknikal zip packs now available

I’ve now added zip packs for each edition of my Rampage Teknikal series of techno mixes. Enjoy!

Rampage Teknikal 1
Rampage Teknikal 2
Rampage Teknikal 3
Rampage Teknikal 4
Rampage Teknikal 5
Rampage Teknikal 6

I’m slowly adding zip packs for all of the mixes, but if there are any mixes in particular that you would like to see me add, please let me know in the comments and I will get it online.