So, the people have spoken!

So, finally, voting for my next mix has finished, and the 81 votes break down as follows:

01. Heartcore (Old Skool Hardtrance) – 19 votes, 23% my next mix
02. Cold World (Techstep Drum n’ Bass) – 14 votes, 17%
03. Squat Rocking 5 (Acid Techno) – 11 votes, 14%
04. Beyond the Valley of the Acid Vixens (Acid) – 10 votes, 12%
05. There Must be a Future (UK Acid Trance) – 10 votes, 12%
06. Urban Takedown (Jump-Up Jungle) – 10 votes, 12%
07. Drop the Hammer 8 (Grime) – 6 votes, 7%
08. Now You’re Cool (House & UK Funky) – 1 vote, 1% which came from me, lol 😉

These are very interesting results, actually, which have a lot to say about who actually comes to this site and downloads my mixes. I’m going to chew over these for a few days and then post some longer reflections on this little experiment, but for the moment, I have to say that this has been quite eye-opening in terms of illustrating what people actually want from me (which is not necessarily what I feel like providing!)

Below the jump, check out the widget from Sodahead (the site I used to run the poll):