Love Groove Dance Party

dying snowman
A dying snowman … not that that has anything to do with Danny Rampling

A few days ago, someone on Banging Tunes asked for some old Danny Rampling comps, and I’m now very happy to provide two of his Love Groove Dance Party trance mixes from way back in the mid-90’s; unfortunately, I don’t have the house mixes, just the trance ones.

If you’re unfamiliar with Danny Rampling, he’s a bit of a dance music legend, the man responsible for Shoom, the legendary acid house party back in the halcyon days of 1988. He later went on to do a long-running show on BBC Radio 1 called Love Groove Dance Party, covering everything from house to trance, a range of stuff illustrated on the accompanying compilations that Metropole Music released, each of which had one cd of house and one cd of trance. These mixes are quite eclectic as far as trance goes, showcasing everything from banging acid trance to hands in the air Eurotrance to full-on herders of the moon goat Goa trance. Trance is one of those dance music sub-genres that has become sub-divided into innumerable micro-niches over the years, so it’s quite refreshing to listen to these old mixes and hear a totally different approach taken. I won’t lie, some of these tunes I don’t like, but it’s still quite a fun experience overall.

Obviously, the usual disclaimers apply to this, i.e. I’m only putting up these mixes to share as they have been out of print for a long loooong time and therefore I’m not taking away from any potential sales. However, if you are the rights holder (or even Mr Rampling himself) and don’t want them up, I can pull them down, just get in touch. Etc.



Tuesday Goodies

Hi all, here are some goodies to cheer you up on this Tuesday evening.

First up, I’ve updated the XLR8R cue file frenzy post with five more cue files for five more mixes, including cue files for DJ Rolando, Roska, The Heatwave, 2562, and Kingdom. Enjoy!

Secondly, I recorded a grime mix about ten days ago. I’m still pondering it, but I reckon it’s a good ‘un, and having some positive feedback, I think I’ll post it as is. All instrumentals, all vinyl, all old skool. Nice.

Thirdly, I’ll be posting another guest mix in a few days, just need to write up a short post to accompany it.

Fourthly (!), I’ve been offered a slot in a special old skool mix marathon, so I’m going to do Rampage Turbo 9 … yet more old skool freeform goodness! If you liked Rampage Turbo 8, then you’ll love this.

Finally, here’s a little treat for you; it’s an old techno mix from Brooklyn legend Frankie Bones.


I live to give!

I love acid trance.

It’s great.

Really, I love it. A lot. And since I love it, I want you to love it.

Yes, you! You must learn to love acid trance! Or, well, your life won’t be complete (I promise).

But if you don’t know it, how can you love it?

Well, firstly, you can check out some of my own fine mixes:

Called To Valhalla
Eurotrash 3
Rampage Archives 1
Squat Rocking 1

They’re great! Honest …

Still not convinced?

Not to worry, I have a solution!