I live to give!

I love acid trance.

It’s great.

Really, I love it. A lot. And since I love it, I want you to love it.

Yes, you! You must learn to love acid trance! Or, well, your life won’t be complete (I promise).

But if you don’t know it, how can you love it?

Well, firstly, you can check out some of my own fine mixes:

Called To Valhalla
Eurotrash 3
Rampage Archives 1
Squat Rocking 1

They’re great! Honest …

Still not convinced?

Not to worry, I have a solution!

I’ll just give you some of my favourite acid trance mixes by other people, because, well, I live to give. 😉

All of these mixes were available commercially a loooong time ago, and are no longer in print, so I don’t think there should be any problem putting them up; however, if you are the copyright holder and/or the artist and would like them removed, just drop an email to and I will take them off. No need to sue!

For your enjoyment, I’ve put each of these up as zip files.

First up, I’ve got an awesome back-to-back mix from Billy ‘Daniel’ Bunter and Ramos. This mix was the second cd on Helter Skelter’s 1997 compilation Masters @ Work, and it features some of the choicest acid-infused trancecore ever made. Hard-hitting but undeniably great stuff.

Download link:


01 Miss Nic & DJ Swoon – Desert Storm
02 Tripswitch – Tic Tac
03 Trance Masters – Acid Sunshine (Exclusive Mix)
04 Miss Nic & DJ Swoon – Voices
05 Mr. Hyde & UFO – Organ Power
06 Ramos, Supreme & Sunset Regime – Harmonizer (Bang The Future Remix)
07 DJ Fury – Desensitize
08 Bang The Future – Body Slam (Bang The Future Exclusive Mix)
09 Citadel Of Kaos – Aux 5
10 Billy Bunter, Rob Vanden & D Zyne – Better Day (Trance Mix)
11 Ramos, UFO & Bunter – The Theme
12 Eruption – Let The Music (Bang The Future Remix)
13 DJ Slam – The Future
14 Teknodred & Dave Jay – More Understanding
15 Stu J. & UFO – Resin 8 (Exclusive Mix)
16 Teknodred Alliance – Zonked
17 Helix – Fresh Air Of Liberty & Union
18 Ramos, Supreme & UFO – Terminator (Exclusive Mix)

Next up is a solo mix by Ramos, originally released in 1998 as part of the Off Yer Nut compilation. The other two cd’s were pathologically cheesy happy hardcore, but Ramos’ mix was the real deal. Threading the line beautifully between acid trance and acid techno, it’s a magical ride. One of my favourite acid mixes over the years … and I hope it will be one of yours, too!

Download link:


3.01 Interphaze – Velocity Control
3.02 Jack Shit – Ice K
3.03 Smoke System – Smog
3.04 Rozzer’s Dog – Rozzer’s Dog
3.05 Punk Floyd – Top Banana
3.06 2 Waveform – White Dwarfs
3.07 Dave The Drummer – Freedom Fighter
3.08 Ramos & UFO – Dreamesque (Special Tekno Mix)
3.09 Colone – Overview
3.10 Molecular – Slaker
3.11 DDR & The Geezer – Mad Cows On Acid (Rozzer’s Dog Rmx)
3.12 Ramos , Supreme & UFO – Judgement Day
3.13 DJ Reche – KWM (Don’t Work)
3.14 DJ Fury – Comin Up For Air
3.15 Helix & Fury – Sanctus Dominus
3.16 Ramos & UFO – 1 2 1
3.17 DJ Ostro & DJ Radray – Download
3.18 Seducer – Emotions

Finally, here’s Frankie Bones’ awesome 1996 mix for United DJ’s of America. Brooklyn’s own Frankie Bones is one of the original American rave heroes, and, although he is usually better known as a house/techno dj, with this mix he showed he could hang with the hardest out there. It takes a little while to get going compared to the other two, but by the end it is full-power filthy acid.

Hard … dark … beautiful.

Download link:


01 Toja – Put Your House In Order
02 Woodpeckers – Dark Clouds
03 Skool Phunk – Deep Line
04 MikeroBenics – Replika
05 Mandala – Evolution Theme (Commander Tom Club Dub)
06 Microwave Prince – Solar Eclipse
07 S & H – Salva Mea
08 Albion – This Is For
09 Commander Tom – Energy
10 Lectric Cargo – Active Sensing
11 Tesox – Braindead II (DJ Skull Remix)
12 Kores – Oxbow
13 Overcharge feat. G-Meter – Minds Are Changin’
14 DJ Push To Flush – Then You’ll Be It
15 Caterpillar – Give Me Your Hand

Enjoy! 😀