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Mejle’s Sonicrampage Guest Mix

Copenhagen’s Mejle steps up for a guest mix, dropping a set of premium quality UK bass, electro, and house.


Mejle’s Sonicrampage Guest Mix

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Mixed in Copenhagen, July 2012
(52:16, 119 MB, 320 KBPS MP3)

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Style: UK Bass

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01. Jacques Greene – Ready [3024]
02. Boddika – Rubba [Swamp81]
03. Eats Everything – This Elbow [Pets]
04. Boddika – Basement [Swamp81]
05. Paleman – Slither [Fulcrum]
06. Marcus Intalex – Red 7 (John Tejada Remix) [DATMusic]
07. Joy Orbison – Ellipsis [Hinge Finger]
08. Trevino – Juan Two Five [The Nothing Special]
09. Boddika – Grand Prix [Naked Lunch]
10. Mark Taylor – Antimatter Premium Unleaded [Underground Resistance]
11. Mickey Pearce – Tempted [Ten Thousand Yen]
12. A Made Up Sound – Rework [A Made Up Sound]
13. Boddika & Joy Orbison – Moist [Sunklo]
14. Kahn & Neek – Percy [Bandulu]
15. Bogey Man vs. DJ Lombardo – Through The Keyhole [Vehicle]
16. Suburban Lick – You’re Mine (Zed Bias Vocal Mix) [Locked On]
17. Kontext – Plumes (Ramadanman Refix) [Immerse]

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Last week I mentioned that this year I would be hosting a number of new guest mixes, and so first up is Denmark’s Mejle, a bass music dj who smoothly crosses musical boundaries from electro to house to techno to dubstep and beyond. If you enjoyed my Taste The Rainbow mix a few months back then you will dig this. Now for a few words with the man himself:

Pearsall: Let’s start with the basics, Mejle: Who? What? Where? When? Why?

Mejle: Casper Mejlholm, sound-o-holic, Copenhagen, 1986, purpose is yet to be determined.

How long have you been mixing and what got you into dance music?

I’ve been mixing for 3-4 years. We’re lucky to have a few turntables in the basement of the office where I work, and a good chunk of my colleagues are music heads or/and DJ’s, so I quickly got into it. Moving to Copenhagen back in 2005 definitely opened my eyes to the world of electronic music. The right setting, people and soundsystem add a new dimension to the type of music I enjoy, and I wasn’t able to experience just that – until I came here. Mixing definitely caught on when I found out what it felt like, seeing other people feel and move to the music that I’m into.

Let’s say aliens appeared in your home, demanding music to get some serious tentacle grooving on to – what five records would you pick to most immaculately express what you are about as a dj?

Actually, aliens frequently pop in.. Five records is really pushing it, tho! 🙂

Mark Taylor – Vintage Future [Underground Resistance]
Boddika – 2727 [Swamp81]
Dark Sky – Black Rainbows EP [Black Acre]
Pearson Sound – Footloose [Pearson Sound]
Benga – 26 Basslines [Tempa]

How have your tastes and your style evolved over the time that you have been a dj?

I started out listening to and playing strictly 140 bpm dubstep, but I became a bit bored with listening/playing the same thing, exclusively. I constantly dig for new music and fell in love with loads of other types of electronic music, old and new, that I now find ways to fit in my sets. I have a hard time labeling what I play now, other than that it’s bass driven music which might include garage, house, electro, booty, techno, acid, funky, grime and dubstep.

You’re from Copenhagen – what’s the scene like there? Is what you do popular or are you kind of out in left field?

The scene here is good! A lot of people are working hard and voluntary to keep a diverse electronic music scene alive – either by producing, putting on parties or booking artists that might not necessarily be ‘safe bets’. Sadly, one of the hubs for underground electronic music in Copenhagen, Dunkel Bar, seems to be approaching closure which will, if it happens, have a negative impact on the scene.

I’m not sure what I do is really popular or not – the scene for the more mainstream electronic music is of course way bigger, but the interest in bass music is definitely present in Copenhagen. It seems people just need to hear/experience it, before they know that they’re into it. I like to think that what I do is a bit out in left field, for sure – if not, I wouldn’t be able to bring anything new to the people listening.

Thanks for doing this mix! Tell me a bit about it – how did you record it (i.e. vinyl? CD? Serato? Something else?), and what was the thinking behind it, in terms of track selection, programming, and mix structure?

No problem! The mix consists mainly off vinyl with a couple of digital tracks (CD) in between, mixed on 2x 1210’s, 2x CDJ-400’s and a DJM-400. In terms of track selection, the mix includes the tunes that gets me going at the moment. I recently went to Berlin and got a good crate digging in, so the mix includes a lot of the cops I did while down there including bits of electro, acid, house, dubstep and garage.

What are your goals as a dj, if you have any?

I want to surprise people and get them moving. It’s weirdly intense for me to see people move to the tunes I play when I’m out. Above all I want to have a great time with the people who show up when I play out.

To finish off, a couple of non-music questions. As a Copenhagen native, what’s your number one recommendation for tourists to do if they are interested in doing something really local and not really touristy?

Avoid inner city by all means, and move to the outer neighborhoods like Nørrebro, Vesterbro or Nordvest. Walk the small streets. Don’t miss Christiania – read about the place before you go, and make sure to walk down by the river and check out the houses built by the original citizens of this area.

Are there any Danish foods or drinks that you whole-heartedly would recommend to outsiders as must tries if they ever visit your country?

Haha, yes! The Danish type of open sandwiches (smørrebrød) are serious! I’m pretty sure that’s a Danish thing… If not, I just came across slightly ignorant. Apologies. :/

Finally, thanks for the mix and for answering the questions! Anything more you would like to add?

Anytime! Keep supporting the artists, go see the artists/DJ’s you dig when they’re in your town – and play the music loud.

For more from Mejle, check out his Soundcloud page and like him on Facebook!