Tuesday Goodies

Hi all, here are some goodies to cheer you up on this Tuesday evening.

First up, I’ve updated the XLR8R cue file frenzy post with five more cue files for five more mixes, including cue files for DJ Rolando, Roska, The Heatwave, 2562, and Kingdom. Enjoy!

Secondly, I recorded a grime mix about ten days ago. I’m still pondering it, but I reckon it’s a good ‘un, and having some positive feedback, I think I’ll post it as is. All instrumentals, all vinyl, all old skool. Nice.

Thirdly, I’ll be posting another guest mix in a few days, just need to write up a short post to accompany it.

Fourthly (!), I’ve been offered a slot in a DI.fm special old skool mix marathon, so I’m going to do Rampage Turbo 9 … yet more old skool freeform goodness! If you liked Rampage Turbo 8, then you’ll love this.

Finally, here’s a little treat for you; it’s an old techno mix from Brooklyn legend Frankie Bones.

Frankie Bones – DJ Techno Mix Vol. 1
Zip file, click to download


01 Hyperactive – Rimshot
02 Frankie Bones – Basimat
03 Mark Verbos – Jack In The Box
04 Freddie Fresh & Woody McBride – Pressure
05 Adam X – Possessed
06 Thomas P. Heckmann – Kon-Sequence Drax
07 Atomic Babies – Formaldehyde
08 The Kosmik Kommando – Marsh Mallow
09 Reade Truth – Waterwalk
10 Steve Stoll – Electron
11 Alec Empire – Berlin Sky
12 Joey Jupiter – Plonk
13 Frankie Bones – Rare Earth
14 Choose – Campz
15 Walker – Storm