Love Groove Dance Party

Two classic Love Groove Dance Party trance mixes from Danny Rampling, recorded way back in the mid-90’s.

dying snowman
A dying snowman … not that that has anything to do with Danny Rampling

A few days ago, someone on Banging Tunes asked for some old Danny Rampling comps, and I’m now very happy to provide two of his Love Groove Dance Party trance mixes from way back in the mid-90’s; unfortunately, I don’t have the house mixes, just the trance ones.

If you’re unfamiliar with Danny Rampling, he’s a bit of a dance music legend, the man responsible for Shoom, the legendary acid house party back in the halcyon days of 1988. He later went on to do a long-running show on BBC Radio 1 called Love Groove Dance Party, covering everything from house to trance, a range of stuff illustrated on the accompanying compilations that Metropole Music released, each of which had one cd of house and one cd of trance. These mixes are quite eclectic as far as trance goes, showcasing everything from banging acid trance to hands in the air Eurotrance to full-on herders of the moon goat Goa trance. Trance is one of those dance music sub-genres that has become sub-divided into innumerable micro-niches over the years, so it’s quite refreshing to listen to these old mixes and hear a totally different approach taken. I won’t lie, some of these tunes I don’t like, but it’s still quite a fun experience overall.

Obviously, the usual disclaimers apply to this, i.e. I’m only putting up these mixes to share as they have been out of print for a long loooong time and therefore I’m not taking away from any potential sales. However, if you are the rights holder (or even Mr Rampling himself) and don’t want them up, I can pull them down, just get in touch. Etc.


Danny Rampling presents Love Groove Party Volumes 1 & 2

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Trance Mix Tracklisting:

201 Allium – M.O.T. Venture (Hold Your Pillow)
202 Yum Yum – Feel Me Now
203 Man With No Name – Lunar Cycle
204 U4EA – Sonar Eclipse
205 DJ Misjah & DJ Tim – Access
206 Dead Calm – Dancing Dolphin
207 Shimmon & Woolfson – Stomp “Stack The Galli” (Tony De Vit Mix)
208 Fahrenheit – The Awakening
209 Power Source – Goaway
210 Astral Projection Featuring DJ Jörg – Mahadeva
211 K90 – Genesis
212 L.S.G. – Hidden Sun Of Venus (Oliver Lieb Remix)
213 Solar Quest – Revelation
214 Robert Miles – Children

Danny Rampling presents Love Groove Party Volumes 3 & 4

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Spacey Trance Mix Tracklisting:
201. Leftfield – Space Shanty
202. Art Of Trance – Kaleidescope
203 Van Basten – Silver Bullet
204 David H – Passion (Pure Seduction Mix)
205 S-J – Fever (Tony De Vit Cub Mix)
206 Jon The Dentist – Jacobs Ladder
207 DJ Tom & Norman – Thundergod
208 X-Cabs – Neuro
209 Lochi – London Acid City
210 Pablo Gargano – We Promise You The Future
211 The Infinity Project – The Answer
212 Dimension 5 – Iron Sun
213 Union Jack – There Will Be No Armageddon
214 The Brain – I Will Find A Way (Jam El Mar Mix)
215 B.B.E. – Seven Days And One Week
216 Justine – All You Want Is Sex