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FYEMACAST005: Pearsall [My old skool hard trance mix for the Fyema crew]

Pearsall drops an old skool hard trance mix for Berlin’s new skool trancce crew Fyema

FYEMACAST005: Pearsall

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FYEMA · FYEMACAST005 – Pearsall


  1. Hardfloor – Into The Nature [Harthouse]
  2. Shawnee – Sioux War Dance [Drizzly]
  3. Brain 20 – Acid Motherfuckers (Junk Project Remix) [Brain]
  4. DJ Randy – Overmodulate [Prolekult]
  5. Equator – Secret Silence (Aquaplex Remix) [Drizzly]
  6. Heatseeker – Xplicit (Hard Trance Mix) [Clockwork]
  7. S.H.O.K.K. – Folie a Deux (DJ Natron Remix) [Overdose]
  8. Megamind – Taub [Nukleuz]
  9. Nitre – F.T.W.A. [Cenobite]
  10. Dee Rex – Soilent Green [Lunatec]
  11. DJ Randy – More and More [Smoke Free DJ Tools]
  12. DJ Crack – Century of E [Full-E]
  13. Pearsall – Undertow [Sonicrampage]
  14. Pagemaster – Drug Center [Thai]
  15. Signum – The Other Side [Jinx]
  16. Insider & Stephenson – Inda [Bonzai]
  17. Spect-R – This Is Acid [Monokultur]
  18. Mirage – Keoma [Technogold]
  19. Overcharge feat. G-Meter – Whiplash [Time Unlimited]
  20. Sequel Bass – The Third Chapter [Tunnel]
  21. Loving Loop – Bass Please [Spaceflower]
  22. Los Bonitos – The Lights [Tunnel]
  23. Gary D – Kinetic Pressure [Bonzai]
  24. Los Pablos – Mind Solution (Club Mix) [Master Maximum Trance Traxx]
  25. Mega ‘Lo Mania – Close Your Eyes [No Respect]

This is a mix I recently did for the Berlin neo-trance crew Fyema. They asked for a mix of old skool hard trance, and, well, that’s what I delivered!

The concept of the mix is that I am revisiting my long-running Eurotrash mix series by picking a few tracks from each edition. It’s a fun listen!

If you missed them in the past, here’s are the links to the different mixes in the series – as you can see it’s been fairly irregular!

The concept of Eurotrash has always been ‘old skool European hard trance and acid techno’, but that’s just a rough framework. Generally speaking, it means 90’s stuff, but up to the early 2000’s can sneak in, and European generally means artists from continental Europe, but sometimes I have featured material from British artists just because.

This particular mix was a lot of fun to put together because in doing so I was able to go back and re-listen to the whole series and rediscover some great tracks. What a fertile time for music!

What is Fyema? This was a connection made via Instagram, and when they asked me, I said sure. I did ask them for a bit more information about what they do, and this is what they shared with me:

The entire crew has known each other for years and has its origins in the Berlin nightlife around the old Griessmühle in which we all worked for many years. Our whole crew is still working together at former Griessmühle now, but in the new location called RSO Berlin. 

Right now, we have done successful party’s at „RSO“, with DJs like Sioc, Echoes of October, Pernox, Katia Val, Justin Tinderdate, Marlon Hoffstadt, Shadylines, DJ §piral, Aisha,  Holeigh, ABEM, Walfroy. Our goal is to bring the fun back into the game. We don’t believe that elitism should be part of our scene and like smiling faces & togetherness. Therefore our lineups feature fast baselines, euphoric & trancy sounds embedded in a friendly, tolerant and open environment.