Pearsall presents Blasted to the Future (A Promo Mix for Blasted DNB Berlin)

Pearsall presents Blasted to the Future

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Mixed in Berlin, May 2019
100% Vinyl
(84:52, 123 MB, V0 VBR MP3)

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  1. Techno Brewster & DJ Iceman – Dream On Tangerine (Parallax)
  2. Wax Doctor – Another Direction (Basement)
  3. The Pharmacist – Zero Hour (After Dark)
  4. DJ Freshtrax – Version Excursion (Parallax / Keeping Vinyl Alive)
  5. MC Lethal – The Rave Digger (Network)
  6. Top Buzz – Living In Darkness (’93 Remix) (Basement)
  7. DJ Kev – Happy Trax Volume 2 (Side B) (Masterpiece)
  8. Tom & Jerry – B.O.S. Realting (Tom & Jerry)
  9. Life On Mars – Volume 2 (Side A1) (Absolute 2)
  10. Krome & Time – Virtual Reality (Suburban Base)
  11. JMJ & Richie – Hall of Mirrors (Moving Shadow)
  12. The Bookworm – Listen (White)
  13. SMD – SMD6 (The Bell Tune) (World Of Rave)
  14. Crowd Pleasers – Volume Two (Side B) (Crowd Pleasers)
  15. Heartless – Lifted (Heartless)
  16. Higher Level – High Spirits (Zodiac)
  17. Future Primitive – Lift Me Up (Slammin’ Vinyl Remix) (Kniteforce)
  18. DJ Force & The Evolution – Lost It (Kniteforce)
  19. Ironik – The Calling (Deep Seven)
  20. Luna-C – Death Of A Psychopath (Nasenbluten Remix) (Kniteforce)
  21. Vertigo – Deep Cover (Crack House Productions)
  22. Metronome – Warning (Serious)
  23. DJ Crystl – The Dark Crystl (Force Ten)
  24. Peshay – On The Firm (Reinforced)
  25. 4 Horsemen Of The Apocalypse – Drowning In Her (Remix) (Tone Def)
  26. DJ Gwange – Motionless (Legend)
  27. DJ Fokus – Untitled (Suicide)
  28. DJ Crystl – Your Destiny (Dee Jay Recordings)
  29. Swift & Zinc – The Secret (feat Steve B) (2000 AD)
  30. DJ Pulse & Alex Reece – Kudos (Moving Shadow)

This mix is a little promo that I put together for my set next week at Blasted, where I will be playing back to back for two hours with my friend Vali NME Click. We’re going to play an old skool set, so expect ’92 euphoria, ’93 darkside, ’94 jungle and maybe even some early happy hardcore from myself (since I love that stuff a lot). This is a taster for the event, but really just a cool mix in and of itself – enjoy!

More party info (taken from Facebook):

Musical trip to the past. Early 90’s breaks, hardcore, jungle techno. Classic drum’n’bass sounds from mid and late 90’s. Techstep blueprints, early neurofunk. Good Looking vibes included. Strictly 1992-2002.

Underground drum’n’bass event with sick Berlin based DJs in the cellar of an alternative absinth bar 5 minutes walk from U-Bhf Frankfurter Tor.


Vali NME Click (Parallax Recordings, DE)

Pearsall (Sonic Rampage, USA)

Duff (Refloat, DE)


Molecular Structures (Medschool, Basswerk, Blasted, DE)

Agem (Blasted, CZ)

Vorsicht – the party is taking place on the 9th June, Sunday night. Yet, Monday the 10th is holiday! (Pfingstsonntag)
Start 22:00


Underground drum’n’bass events since 2014

Alternative absinth bar with free kicker and a cosy dancefloor in the basement. 5 minutes walk from U-Bhf Frankfurter Tor.
Rigaer Str. 103, 10247 F*Hain