Guest DJ’s: Where are they now? Flip, Mejle, and Meke edition

London tower blocks
the view from my train home, in between Waterloo and Vauxhall

Happy Friday!

Hope you are enjoying the most recent fruits of my mixing labors: Eurotrash 4 (shout to the mighty Watchtower for featuring it yesterday!) and my acid mix for 7D The Seven Dimensions of Euphoria (split versions going live today).

As it’s Friday, I thought that I would catch up with new projects from three of the previous guest dj’s on Sonicrampage: Flip, Mejle, and Meke.

First up is Flip, whose 2005 Mentasm mix was featured back in early 2011 (and was subsequently highly praised by Plasmadancer on his invaluable Thank You For The Horse blog). Recently Eryk Orpheus uploaded his collaboration with Flip, The Gatekeeper, to his Soundcloud, and, well, it’s pretty epic stuff, if you like mental freeform hardcore. Ave it!

Next, on a (very) different note, is Denmark’s Mejle, the most recent guest dj to grace this illustrious collection of pixels that I call my blog. His guest mix last month was an excellent journey through many flavors of bass music, and this month he is back with another sweet selection, bashing through techno, electro, and dubstep with tunes from producers like Boddika, Mala, Icicle, and Trevino (amongst others).

Finally, Finland’s DJ Meke has returned with In Melody We Trust, a hard trance collaboration with Helsinki’s DJ Neon. Mining that early 00’s hard trance sound, if you love sharp melodies and hard kicks, it’s for you. Meke, has, of course, already appeared three times on Sonicrampage, with his mixes Nostrum tribute Nostrumo, his Old School Hardtrancers II mix in collaboration with Hamburg’s DJ Yoko, and his cheesey-yet-awesome old skool gabba mix Happy New Yearave.

Also, Meke’s collaboration with Sam Hard recently appeared on the (FREE!) Freeformatted compilation album. Go grab it!

So there you go, loads to listen to over the weekend! Have a good one …

site news

New London Acid Techno Mix for 7D The Seven Dimensions of Euphoria Vol 6!

My old skool London acid techno mix for the sixth edition of 7D The Seven Dimensions of Euphoria is now available at the 7d site. Go get it!

7D The Seven Dimensions Of Euphoria 6
Direct link to single mp3 version
Direct link to split track version

I’m particularly pleased with this mix. It was recorded in one take using nothing but vinyl, and I really locked in to the vibe as I mixed and cut my way through 90 minutes of some of the finest 303 abuse ever committed to wax. There’s something really hypnotic about this music, and I went deep into the zone as I did the mix, varying my mixing style from deep long mixes to quick mixes, moving through tracks seamlessly sometimes, whilst others working my way through with cuts and spinbacks, suddenly switching the basslines for maximum surprise. No simple segues for me! The mix itself slowly builds the intensity up from rolling acid to ravetastic warehouse stompers to fully-fledged squat-smashing mayhem, as the acid lines layer and layer and layer until you think your mind can’t take any more, only to find that things have gotten even crazier, and you just can’t get enough of it …

If you enjoyed previous London acid mixes from myself like Squat Rocking 2, Squat Rocking 3, and Pearsall’s Acid Test, then you will love this!

Special shout to Steve from 7D for offering me the chance to do the mix!

If you’d like a preview, here’s the first 30 minutes, as uploaded to Soundcloud:

Tracklisting: (titles in red are in the Soundcloud sampler)

01. Star Power – Renegade 303 (Stay Up Forever)
02. Trip Hazard – Army Of Shadows (Stay Up Forever)
03. Magnum Force – .44 Calibre (Stay Up Forever)
04. The Weathermen – Thunderflash (Boscaland)
05. Overrider – Tronic Rides Again (Hazchem)
06. Sergeant Steppa – Fade Away (D.A.V.E. The Drummer Remix) (Highwire)
07. Immersion – Rave (Stay Up Forever)
08. Chris Liberator – 23 Seconds & Counting (Routemaster)
09. Lab 4 – Reformation (Chris Liberator Remix) (Elementary)

10. Sarcoblast – Toxic (Routemaster)
11. D.A.V.E. The Drummer – We Aren’t The Robots (Smitten)
12. Artefact – Are You Jackin’ (Artefact)
13. Immersion – Right To Party (Prolekult)
14. Overrider – Timebomb (Choci’s Chewns)
15. Audio Pancake – Fuck Goa (Smitten)
16. Rebel Yelle – Affirmation (Stay Up Forever)
17. DJ Zebedee – Weirdo Magnet (Organgrinder)
18. Lochi – Element (Routemaster)
19. Paul Glazby & The Narcomaniacs – Acid Disco (D.A.V.E. The Drummer Remix) (Vicious Circle)
20. Secret Hero – Build Up The Pressure (Stay Up Forever)
21. Tarball & Lungbutter – Mindsweep Monofest (Bionic Orange)
22. A&E Dept. – And The Rabbit’s Name Was… (Stay Up Forever)
23. Parachute Radio – Slunghigh (Skyride)
24. Skank – The Future’s Dark, The Future’s Acid (Headcase)
25. DDR & The Geezer – Spades (C.O.S.H.H.)

Other dj’s featured on this edition of 7D:

CLSM (Breakbeat Hardcore)
Sc@r (Hardcore)
Echo Swift (Drum n’ Bass)
Wyrd The Cat (Electro Breaks)
DJ Mumbles (Uplifting Trance)
DJ Viperstar (Hardcore)
DJ Daft (Hardcore)
D-Tor (Hardcore)

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Pearsall presents Eurotrash 4

Tower Blocks

Pearsall presents Eurotrash 4

right-click on the title and save as to download

Mixed in London, July 2012
(91:29, 210 MB, 320 KBPS MP3)

Large cover
Cue file
Zip pack (split into separate tracks)

Style: Mid 90’s European acid/hard trance

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After four years of running Sonicrampage, after having done dozens of mixes and written all kinds of essays, and after having never asked for anything in return, I would now like to make a small request. If you are someone who has used and enjoyed the site – whether fir the music, the essays, the pictures, or the whole package – I would greatly appreciate it if you would consider making a donation to help me keep running the site.

For the last four years I have paid for this site out of my own pocket because, well, it’s my hobby, but it has become more expensive as the site has gotten more popular and more people have come to download the mixes … which is obviously a good thing! However, it does cost money to pay for the server and for my Soundcloud account, and as I am a family man I would really appreciate a contribution to help keep this site a fun, non-profit musical enterprise, based around exploring old and new dance music.

At the moment, Sonicrampage offers dozens of hours of underground electronic music entirely for free, which is something that I am proud of, and I have plans to make the site even better and offer even more content, however I will need a little financial help to make it a reality.

One thing that I can promise you is that that the donations would be used purely for the upkeep of the site.

How would I spend the donations? Initially, I would like to upgrade my Soundcloud account from Solo to a Pro account on Soundcloud, so that I can continue to provide a Soundcloud option on all new mixes (see here for more info on the various account types). Then I would like to put money towards paying my annual hosting fees, which doubled this year after my hosting company Inmotion forced me to upgrade to a Virtual Private Server to better handle the amount of traffic and resources that it was using. As I would be surprised to get even that much money, I haven’t thought about what I would do once the hosting was paid for! I wouldn’t spend the money on myself or my family, as the donation button is purely for the upkeep of the site – I would just put it against future hosting costs.

Thanks for reading this far, and please consider donating if you can afford it:

Eurotrash 4 is coming very soon, and my acid mix for The Seven Dimensions of Euphoria will be available sometime later this month!

Guest Mixes Interviews

Mejle’s Sonicrampage Guest Mix


Mejle’s Sonicrampage Guest Mix

right-click on the title and save as to download

Mixed in Copenhagen, July 2012
(52:16, 119 MB, 320 KBPS MP3)

Click to read an interview with Mejle!

Cue file
Zip pack (split into individual tracks)

Style: UK Bass