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My setlist from Mechatronica @ Griessmuehle, 09/12/2017

My set at Mechatronica last Saturday morning was a total blast (listen to my promo mix here) – I played from 7:30 right through to 10:30. Overall I was super happy with it, it was really rocking for most of the time (well, there was one bit where my mixing went a little shonky but I took a deep breath, drank some water and it all was sorted again).

Big special thanks to Casper, Fede, Milan and Danny for inviting me to play. And a big thanks to all the dancers for showing so much energy after a long night!

Unfortunately, there’s a problem with the audio recording, so this won’t be posted online.

Here’s the setlist:


Liveset from BUNS open air freeparty @ Kulturhaus Kili, Berlin


Here’s part of my liveset from yesterday’s free party at Kulturhaus Kili – mostly we played a very loose back to back, but here’s 30 minutes of me doing my thing on my own. Good times!


Secrets – Sunrise (Street Beats)
Flatliner – The Big Bang (Ram)
Eternal Bass – Deep Sensation (Volatile)
4 Horsemen Of The Apocalypse – Drowning In Her (4 Horsemen Remix) (FX)
DJ Trace – Lost Entity (Lucky Spin)
The Terrorist – Sing Time (Dread)
Harmony & Xtreme – Boo (Section 5)
Undercover Agent – Dub Plate Circles (Juice)
Safari Sounds – Droppin Science Volume 04 (Droppin’ Science)

Here’s a clip from the party:

Me on the decks:



Help the Philippines, Party, and Win Awesome Vinyl Goodies … at the Same Time!

Philippines Relief Fundraiser with Tim Exile (Live), Ital Tek, Giles Smith at Crate Brewery

Assuming you haven’t been living under a rock, you will know that a few weeks ago the Philippines was devastated by Super Typhoon Haiyan, which caused massive destruction across the archipelago nation as well as thousands upon thousands of deaths.

You don’t need to come to Sonicrampage to know what a terrible tragedy this is, and how important it is to help, even if all you can do from thousands of miles of away is make a donation to one of the organizations that is on the ground assisting the Filipino people.

Which is why I would like to alert you to a fundraising party/raffle that my good friend Man Hon Luk (a.k.a. The Vinyl Pimp) is organizing. All ticket holders to the party are automatically entered into the raffle, and even if you aren’t attending the party, you can still buy raffle tickets. I’ve made a donation via buying a bunch of tickets, and I hope you will too!

The party is at the Crate Brewery in Hackney next Saturday, the 7th of December, and all raffle ticket holders will have the chance to win prizes donated by a variety of local businesses and record labels.

To buy tickets, click here to visit Resident Advisor.

What you really want is to know what tunes are up for grabs, right? So here’s a little rundown on some of the goodies that record labels like Deep Medi Musik, Hemlock Recordings, Swamp 81, Ninja Tune/Big Dada, Civil Music and Planet Mu are giving away (I will update this list as more stuff is added):

Warp Records
Ninja Tune/Big Dada
Civil Music
Deep Medi Musik
Swamp 81
Planet Mu
Hemlock Recordings

Tuesday Time Machine

Tuesday Time Machine: Jungle Fever Edition

Hohenzollerndamm, Berlin
Dusk at Hohenzollerndamm, Berlin

I’m sick. Which blows. So I can’t work for a week. Which also blows.

But at least I have my tunes, so that’s some compensation!

One bonus of living in Germany is super cheap domestic postage for packages (DHL, after all, is part of the state-run Deutsche Post). So, last week, I gorged myself on vintage jungle from the Discogs seller simplyfreshtunes, and I would like to share with you five of these tunes to brighten up your Tuesday.

Few things on this earth are as awesome as classic jungle!

Mensa – White Rock (Tearin Vinyl)

First up is one of the lesser known tunes from Krome & Time’s Tearin Vinyl label. Mostly this label is remembered for their own massive anthems ‘The License’ and ‘Ganja Man’, but they also released a bunch of other quality jungle tunes from some smaller names, like Mensa, a.k.a. Arif Salif, Matt Taylor & Steve Caddell – who? The only single they ever released, ‘White Rock’ is an absolutely blazing Amen tearout tune that sounds, frankly, quite like a lot of other blazing Amen tearout tunes from 1994/1995. And that’s no bad thing! ‘White Rock’ is also, of course, a reference to the infamous crack cocaine – weirdly enough, that was a bit of a theme on Tearin Vinyl, as they also had released a tune called ‘Glass Pipe Fury’ by DJ Exodus & Head Pressure.

Of course, at one point there were rumors that jungle music itself was linked to crack (which was bullshit, of course):

While Quest is pretty much trouble free, there are reports of jungle clubs that are much rougher. Where people get attacked and where crack is openly used. This happened to me at a jungle night: Two 15 year olds spotted my friend’s little hash pipe and asked it they could use it. A moment later there was an unpleasant sweetish smell. “What are you smoking?” he asked. “Snood,” they replied, giggling inanely. “Snood?” “Yeah, snood, you know, snood, crack. You want some?”

Anyways, I hope the crack reference is just because they wanted to be ‘dark’, not because they were actually crack addicts, since crack is, you know, whack. Right, Whitney?

Dillinja – Sovereign Melody (Deadly Vinyl)

Second up is the most expensive tune I’ve bought in a while (jungle prices have really gone through the roof over the last few years!) – this is Dillinja in an unusually mellow and restrained mood. No cascades of tearing Amens, just solid rolling beats and summery chords, with a firm bassline undergirding the whole thing. This is an extremely versatile tune, one that could work as well in an LTJ Bukem-style set of dreamy and deep drum n’ bass, or as a nice palate-cleanser in the midst of a much harder set. Dillinja really set the standards in the mid-90’s, and this, in my opinion, is one of his finest tunes.

Cutty Ranks – Dark Justice (Half Breed Remix) (24 Karat)

Here’s a confession: I wasn’t even aware of this tune until last week!

I only found out about it because I was looking through simplyfreshtunes’ sale catalogue and I found this, was curious, had a listen on YouTube, and, bang, added it to my cart. Sold!

Cutty Ranks, for those who are unaware, was one of the great Jamaican dancehall mc’s of the early 90’s, and the DJ SS remix of his ‘Limb By Limb’ (which also appeared on my Street Dreams mix) is perhaps the ragga jungle anthem.

Obviously, this is a much much much less well-known tune, but it is still a fine combination of ragga vocals, choppy drums, and rib-shaking bass. A keeper.

Dr S. Gachet – The Dreamer (Aphrodite Remix) (Labello Blanco)

Using the classic “behold, here cometh the dreamer” sample, this Aphrodite is just a perfect distillation of his sound circa ’95 – massive euphoric melodies leading to an incredible explosion of energy as the bassline drops. Simple but oh so effective!

This appeared on Labello Blanco’s The Babyface Ragga Tribute Vol 1 EP, which was a tribute they did to a friend of theirs who sadly passed away. Other tracks featured come from Bizzy B and D’Cruze – all in all an extremely solid purchase.

Simpleton – Unity (Remarc Remix) (Kemet)

Last but not least, here’s another vintage ragga jungle workout, as the lord of choppage himself, Remarc, gets to grips with Simpleton’s ‘Unity’, from Kemet’s Repatriation EP, which also featured tracks from the likes of Family of Intelligence, Dan Man, and Fusion. Remarc was the absolute master of drum edits, as you can hear from this tune, where the drums are constantly twisting and shifting in between the dubwise bassline and Simpleton’s vocals. A glorious tune on an amazing EP.

Hard to argue with this review from Discogs:

If you do not already own this I suggest that you buy it pronto.

Has to be the one of if not the best jungle EP out there.

Tuesday Time Machine

Tuesday (OK, Wednesday) Time Machine: Fat Stacks Edition

A Berlin classic: Currywurst from Zur Bratpfanne on Schloss Strasse

Ok, this should have been posted yesterday, but such is life!

If you saw Mondayday’s post you’ll know that I’m currently sorting through my records in our new Berlin flat. So, for today’s edition of the (very occasional) Tuesday Time Machine, here’s a look at all nine of the tunes that are nestled (somewhat precariously) on top of the stacks in the picture. I have a big collection, so there are even more tunes out of view!

First up, let’s jog your memory with the pic again:

site news

Pearsall – Dreaming Of Berlin (Forthcoming on Freeformatted Vol. 2)

Berlin street art
Street art in an alleyway off Brunnenstrasse in Mitte, Berlin

As you might know, since I keep going on and on about it, my family and I are moving to Berlin very soon, so two weeks ago I made my way to Orpington, on the south-eastern edge of London, for a day in the studio of Alex ‘A.B’ Bailey of Stamina Records, where we cooked up this tune, ‘Dreaming Of Berlin’.

It was quite an interesting day out for me. I had sent a lot of different influences through to Alex in advance (from hard trance to jungle), so when I got there he was able to quickly translate my somewhat hazy ideas into a real actual track in just one day. As is the usual case when a dj works with an engineer, what I did was basically arrangements (“no hi-hats there”, “let’s make the acid stab sharper”, “put the Amen snatch right on the bass note in the break”, “how about we take the bubble off the bass and stick to a straight off-beat?”), with him doing all of the actual manipulations for the sake of speed and clarity. Overall, it was a lot of fun being in the studio, and I am personally very pleased with the results.

With this tune I wanted to capture some of the magic of the mid-90’s M-Zone and Mark EG hard trance sound and cross it with contemporary freeform … judge for yourself how well we did it!

This tune will be featured on the forthcoming Freeformatted Vol. 2 compilation that we, the Freeformaniacs crew, are very excited to be unleashing on Halloween.

Other artists to feature on the album include Qygen, Le Dos-On, Olly Addictive, Wyrm, SamHard vs Meke, Ikaruga_Nex, Evolutionize, H-Blast, Sebucan, and more! If you want to hear some of the other tracks from the comp, check out Dyzphazia’s latest mix.

Old School Mix Marathon V

Tomorrow: Old School Mix Marathon V!

old school mix marathon v

Coming tomorrow, it’s the Old School Mix Marathon V! My brand new acid mix, Slaves to the Silver Box, will be premiering, so make sure you tune in! As before, I will be featuring all of the mixes here at Sonicrampage, so look forward to them appearing next week.


Where: radio [ Classic Electronica Channel ]
When: 21.-22.3.2013 [check schedule below]
Music: 90s trance, acidtechno, hardtrance, hardcore, acidtrance, goa…

pre-party 21.3.2013:
old original 90s mixtapes [thanks to these 90s legends for sending mixtapes!]. Over 5 hours pure 90s sound!

DJ SNOWMAN – Live At Energy 1999
ELIOT NESS – The Art Of Mixing # 2-3
ORKIDEA – Unity Mixtape # 2
SASHA F – Meilahti Monotrax 1 & 2 Mixtape
DJ BATES – Rave Mixtape

main party 22.3.2013:
new oldskool sets…over 7 hours classics and rare tunes.

YOKO vs MEKE – hardtrance [Rave´o´lution mixtape]
DJ DAWN vs MEKE – hardtrance [RetroActive 6 mixtape]
YOKO – rave
PEARSALL – acidtechno
MORDEN – goa

London timezone
5pm-10:06pm pre-party
5pm-12:46am main event

Berlin timezone
6pm-11:06pm pre-party
6pm-1:46am main event

Helsinki timezone
7pm-12:06am pre-party
7pm-2:46am main event

“Peace, love, unity & rave”
DJ Meke

Check out the Old School Mix Marathon IV


Vinyl Pimp Snake Mural


I thought this timelapse video of a mural being painted at the Vinyl Pimp shop in Hackney, East London, was pretty cool.


Girdler Synthetic’s Nuw Idol Tribute

WellWicked Records

The one and only Girdler Synthetic is back with a bang, kicking off his 2013 sets with a tribute to minor trance deity Nüw Idol, aka Michel Spiegel. This has only just gotten uploaded to the Penguin Conspiracy Soundcloud page, so it’s fresh, fresh, fresh!

Nuw Idol was one of my favorite trance producers back in the late 90’s/early 00’s. I loved his style of driving, hypnotic dance music – real trance music, not the arpeggiated candyfloss bullshit greedy schlockmeisters were churning out by the bucket load and, in the process, ruining the good name of trance.

5 minute breakdowns? Fuck that, Nuw Idol was there to get you dancing! His WellWicked Records pretty much always came up with the goods, which is why it’s so nice to have all of his finest tunes smooshed together in one cd’s worth of hard, euphoric joy. Of course, as ever with Girdler Synthetic’s mixes, this is a suitable tribute, expertly mixed and beautifully programmed.

Grab it, grab it now.

Or, um, stream it, stream it now …


01. Nüw Idol – Wicca – WellWicked
02. Nüw Idol – The Embrace – WellWicked
03. Nüw Idol – Touch The Lazer – WellWicked
04. Nüw Idol – Polly’s Pharmacy – WellWicked
05. Nüw Idol & Oberon – Point Of Entry – WellWicked
06. Nüw Idol – Sin – WellWicked
07. Nüw Idol – WOW – WellWicked
08. Nüw Idol & Gianni – The Gates Of Time – WellWicked
09. Nüw Idol – Satann – WellWicked
10. Nüw Idol – Kick Drum Domination – WellWicked
11. Nüw Idol – My Liberation – WellWicked
12. Nüw Idol – Life Is The Poison – WellWicked
13. Nüw Idol – The Quickening – WellWicked
14. Nüw Idol & Oberon – Bag Of Trix – WellWicked


RIP Betwixt & Between

Via Thank You For The Horse, I found out yesterday that Japanese freeform producer Kaoru Kimura, aka Betwixt & Between, recently passed away, due to as yet unknown causes:

Munted Monthly

Betwixt & Between (Kaoru Kimura) has tragically passed away at the age of 28. As the news is now public knowledge, Guld has invited condolences/messages of support to be posted on Kaoru’s Facebook page wall, Twitter account, or mailed directly to Guld (NRG_JAPAN [at], who will then forward them to Kaoru’s family.

Having only recently heard of his passing, I am still at a loss for words. A fantastically intelligent, thoughtful and kind young man, he will be missed by everyone who met him, and also by members of the wider scene who knew him through his emotional, influential music.

I feel very fortunate to have counted Kaoru as a friend for the past five years, and will miss him dearly. I’m sure everyone here will join me in offering condolences to all of his family.

I didn’t know him personally, but as a fan of his music I would like to extend my condolences to his family and friends in this time of their loss. It’s a big loss to the worldwide freeform scene, but fortunately his music is that good that it will live on forever.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with his tunes, they are, well, really fucking good. I haven’t actually used any on any of my freeform mixes, but that’s just because none have come out on vinyl – I’m a dinosaur. I only really started getting into his stuff over the last year, after Rampage Turbo 8 got me right back into freeform. Over the last year I have been devouring a lot of the newer freeform that I missed out on over the last couple years, and among the new crop of producers to have emerged over the last few years, Betwixt & Between was, for me, one of the absolute standouts, alongsideh Finland’s Substanced. His death is a big loss for the scene as a whole.

If you want to check out some of his tunes, Beezee’s Sonicrampage guest mix The Canticle of the Monomyth features his tune Phase 6, and PlasmaDancer’s two mixes for the Munted! Monthly! mix series also feature a lot of his material:

Finally, you should definitely check Betwixt & Between’s own mix for Munted! Monthly!

Betwixt & Between with Takashi Shinto – Out of Blue
Betwixt & Between – Wandering of Tankobuhesotaro
Vice Tek Heavy Industry – 3m3sys 3
Betwixt & Between – Ultra World 6
Betwixt & Between – Point of No Return
Betwixt & Between – So Sweet Bitter Days
Betwixt & Between – Zusammengehorigkeit
RANK 1 – Airwave (Betwixt & Between’s Hard Re:Boot)
Betwixt & Between – Tout est Bien (Sein zum Tode)
Betwixt & Between – Hydra (Long)
Betwixt & Between with Yukacco – Nothing Compares 2 You

RIP Kaoru Kimura