Pearsall – Live @ Amen, Urban Spree – 05-10-2019 (Hardcore Set)

This is the recording of my set last weekend at Amen – it was fun! Obviously this is a live set, so some of the mixing is a little rough in places (this was a totally improvised set), but still I think it’s good fun to listen to – if you want to check out the promo mix I did for this party, it’s here.


Liveset from BUNS open air freeparty @ Kulturhaus Kili, Berlin


Here’s part of my liveset from yesterday’s free party at Kulturhaus Kili – mostly we played a very loose back to back, but here’s 30 minutes of me doing my thing on my own. Good times!


Secrets – Sunrise (Street Beats)
Flatliner – The Big Bang (Ram)
Eternal Bass – Deep Sensation (Volatile)
4 Horsemen Of The Apocalypse – Drowning In Her (4 Horsemen Remix) (FX)
DJ Trace – Lost Entity (Lucky Spin)
The Terrorist – Sing Time (Dread)
Harmony & Xtreme – Boo (Section 5)
Undercover Agent – Dub Plate Circles (Juice)
Safari Sounds – Droppin Science Volume 04 (Droppin’ Science)

Here’s a clip from the party:

Me on the decks: