‘Slow Down Baby’ … where’s that sample from?

So, if you were wondering where the ‘slow down baby’ sample from my ‘Dreaming Of Berlin’ tune came from, all can be revealed (well, I just forgot to include it in the last post); it’s from ‘Strictly 4 My Jeeps’, by the absolute best fat ginger Albanian rapper from Queens … Action Bronson!

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Pearsall – Dreaming Of Berlin (Forthcoming on Freeformatted Vol. 2)

Berlin street art
Street art in an alleyway off Brunnenstrasse in Mitte, Berlin

As you might know, since I keep going on and on about it, my family and I are moving to Berlin very soon, so two weeks ago I made my way to Orpington, on the south-eastern edge of London, for a day in the studio of Alex ‘A.B’ Bailey of Stamina Records, where we cooked up this tune, ‘Dreaming Of Berlin’.

It was quite an interesting day out for me. I had sent a lot of different influences through to Alex in advance (from hard trance to jungle), so when I got there he was able to quickly translate my somewhat hazy ideas into a real actual track in just one day. As is the usual case when a dj works with an engineer, what I did was basically arrangements (“no hi-hats there”, “let’s make the acid stab sharper”, “put the Amen snatch right on the bass note in the break”, “how about we take the bubble off the bass and stick to a straight off-beat?”), with him doing all of the actual manipulations for the sake of speed and clarity. Overall, it was a lot of fun being in the studio, and I am personally very pleased with the results.

With this tune I wanted to capture some of the magic of the mid-90’s M-Zone and Mark EG hard trance sound and cross it with contemporary freeform … judge for yourself how well we did it!

This tune will be featured on the forthcoming Freeformatted Vol. 2 compilation that we, the Freeformaniacs crew, are very excited to be unleashing on Halloween.

Other artists to feature on the album include Qygen, Le Dos-On, Olly Addictive, Wyrm, SamHard vs Meke, Ikaruga_Nex, Evolutionize, H-Blast, Sebucan, and more! If you want to hear some of the other tracks from the comp, check out Dyzphazia’s latest mix.


Pearsall presents Rampage Turbo 19: The Lost Years

Shanghai night

Pearsall presents Rampage Turbo 19: The Lost Years

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Mixed in London, September 2013
(105:37, 243 MB, 320 kbps MP3)

Zip file (split into separate tracks)
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Cue file

Style: Freeform, covering some of my fave tracks that I missed from 2004 to 2011

Tuesday Time Machine

Tuesday Time Machine: Eternal Bass – Infinity

Goddamn, wasn’t 1994 jungle amazing?

What a fucking tune!

Also available at Discogs at a non-outrageous price. Awesomeness cubed.

Eternal Bass also did Way of the Future, one of the better homages/rip-offs to Origin Unknown’s anthem-of-anthems, Valley of Shadows.