Pearsall presents Rampage Turbo 7

Pearsall presents Rampage Turbo 7

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Mixed in London, July 2004
(79:11, 141.76 MB, V0 VBR MP3)

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Style: freeform hardcore

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01. Cenith-X – Feel (Legend B Remix) (3 Lanka)
02. Teknotyx – Walking Mutants (Acid Test)
03. CLSM – Into the Sound (G-Core)
04. Impact & Exert – Power of Acid (Nu Energy)
05. Carbon Based – Fatal Flashback (Electronic)
06. Carbon Based – Dark Side (CDR)
07. S4 & Phosphor – I Came For You (Blizzard Tracks)
08. Alek Szahala – Comet Catcher (Electronic)
09. Re-Form – Access to Your Soul (Electronic)
10. Alek Szahala – Invitation (Finrg Hard)
11. Kevin Energy – Go Bizzerk (Nu Energy)
12. The Sauna Boys – In the Heat (CDR)
13. Oli G & Invader – Living Hell (Digital Beatz)
14. Carbon Based – Anger Ball (CDR)
15. AMS – Hardcore Renegade (Bonkerz)
16. DOK – Mental Ward (Carbon Based Remix) (CDR)

OK, yes, it’s weird that I am posting my Rampage Turbo mixes backwards, by starting with the last one I did. So what?

Anyways, the Rampage Turbo series was dedicated to the sound of freeform hardcore, a sound which I described once upon a time as:

a distinct genre of UK hard dance music … much rougher than the happycore sound, with the divas pensioned off and the pianos shoved into the attic. In their place came screaming 303 lines, attitudinally-challenged synth riffs, sweeping pads, and a much more serious vibe.

This, the seventh edition, was recorded at my friend Dan’s flat when I was briefly back from New York to go to a wedding in the summer of 2004 (and congratulations to Jen and Stacey, whose wedding it was, on the recent birth of their daughter Clara!). Considering that it was recorded on an unfamiliar setup in one take with a bunch of CD-R’s (I’ve never owned a CDJ) I think it turned out fantastically!

A very large amount of this mix is taken up with tracks from Finland. At the point this was recorded there was a group of loosely-affiliated artists in Finland (Carbon Based, Alek Szahala, Pain On Creation, Re-Form, DJ Rx, amongst others) who were making the best hardcore music of anyone, bar none. Amazing multi-layered darkside symphonies. Needless to say, I was hooked, and this mix really reflects it!

The summer before I did this mix I went with my good friend Eric to the town of Lahti to stay with Ari Virtanen, aka DJ E-NRG of Carbon Based, for two weeks of boozing, hanging around, and hitting parties. It was truly something special, and along the way I conducted an interview with them for (in a sauna!):

Pearsall: Do you think the high bpm’s of your tracks put you in touch spiritually with your Viking ancestors?

Teemu: (laughing) Ok, the speed of our tracks is just because there is a seven month winter here and it’s so freaking cold and dark. It’s really dark so when we have parties we have to dance really fast to get ourselves warm. Everyone is so fucking pissed off that they are so cold they have to dance fast to get warm. It’s kind of a formation of mind, you know, you get a clear mind when you are dancing so fast, so furious.

To this day it was one of the best trips I ever took, and it led to a fruitful friendship where they hooked me up with some of their forthcoming tracks. And so to this mix, which featured what were at the time four unreleased tracks. Since I now no longer bother keeping up with new music, it is amusing to look back to a time when I was sick with lust for the newest shit. Of the four unreleased tracks on this mix, the remix of ‘Mental Ward’ eventually came out on Shanty’s Electroplates label, ‘Anger Ball’ was released on Nu Energy Recordings (one of the few Finnish tunes to actually come out on that label), while ‘Dark Side’ came out in a different form on the FINRG Digital MP3 label, and ‘In The Heat’, which was probably the best tune on this mix, mysteriously has never seen the light of day except for in this (very silly) video: