Pearsall presents Rampage Archives 1

67 minutes of classic driving trance, featuring Binary Finary, Nuclear Hyde, Doof, M-Zone, The Secret, and more!

Pearsall presents Rampage Archives 1

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Mixed in Edinburgh, March 2002
(67:08, 105.37 MB, V0 VBR MP3)

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Style: old-school hard and acid trance

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01. Razor's Edge - Tribal Sunrise (Technossomy Alpha Remix) (Metropolitan)
02. Shimmon & Woolfson - Evil Queen (Full Force Mix) (React)
03. Johan Claesson - Hooliganz On Acid (D&A Remix) (Telica)
04. DJ Energy - Energy '99 Theme (Extended Mix) (Energetic)
05. Binary Finary - 1998 (Paul Van Dyk Remix) (Vale Music)
06. Doof - Youth Of The Galaxy (Dragonfly)
07. The Secret - Gorgeous (Orgasm Mix) (Logic Records)
08. Cores - Matabu Part One (Noom)
09. Mirage - Thor (Technogold)
10. Parallax - Transciever (Zodiak Commune)
11. Quantum Trigger - Algorhythm (Zen Terrorists Remix) (Tide)
12. M-Zone - Observer One (New Plannet)
13. Audio Pancake - Pull The Trigger (Karmic)
14. Nuclear Hyde - Euxina (Noom)
15. Secret Hero - Speedfreak (Stay Up Forever)
16. Parachute Radio - Slunghigh (Skyride)

Man, I love this mix.

There's something about it. It doesn't have the absolute smoothest mixing (although it's good, with the exception of a wobbly moment going into Euxina), it doesn't feature massive anthems (with the exception of the PvD remix of '1998', which is pretty much as big a trance tune as has ever been made), and it doesn't feature manic trickery (although there's some nice cutting towards the end), but it just hangs together very well, covering a range of styles from ye olde Goa trance to hands-in-the-air Eurotrance to darker hard-driving European acid trance right through to absolutely blazing London acid techno. Plus it features M-Zone's 'Observer One' which has one of the hardest kickdrums of the 90's ... what's not to love?!?!

Good times.