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Hardcore Summer Bash 2016: Pearsall’s Old Skool Happy Hardcore Mix [The 780 Project Part 18]

Old skool happy hardcore: breakbeats, kick drums, vocals, stabs and pianos. So many pianos.

hardcore summer bash 2016

Hardcore Summer Bash 2016: Pearsall’s Old Skool Happy Hardcore Mix

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Mixed in Berlin, August 2016
100% Vinyl
(57:06, 131 MB, 320 KBPS MP3)

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Style: Trance

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01. Naughty Naughty – Chime (Naughty Naughty)
02. Just Another Artist – Rhythm (Just Another Label)
03. DJ Sy – Too Much Sense (Jedi)
04. Luna-C – Piano Progression (Kniteforce)
05. DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer – Music’s Got Me (Slammin Vinyl)
06. Sub State – We Got It (Rogue Trooper)
07. DJ Force & The Evolution – Perfect Dreams (Vibes & Wishdokta Remix) (Remix / Kniteforce)
08. Different Vibe – Can You Feel It (Happy Jack)
09. The Beatmen – Peaked Up (4 The Floor Recordings)
10. Kinetic Pleasure – Get The Feeling (DJ Pleasure Mix) (Evolution)
11. Q-Tex – E-Creation (’94 Mix) (Evolution)
12. Midas – Groove Control (Hectic)
13. SMD – SMD3 (A) (SMD)
14. Slipmatt – Hear Me (DJ Seduction Remix) (Awesome)
15. DJ Hixxy – Jackattack (Happy Jack)
16. Billy ‘Daniel’ Bunter & JDS – Let It Lift You feat. Gem (Just Another Label)
17. DJ Seduction – Drop The Bass (Vibes & Wishdokta Remix) (Impact)
18. Vibes & Wishdokta – Motorway Madness (Rogue Trooper)
19. Marc Smith – Techno Dup (Clubscene)
20. DJ Jedi – Earthbound (Jedi)
21. Ravers Choice – Keep Rushin’ (Ravers Choice)


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This is the mix I recorded for the recent Hardcore Summer Bash 2016. It’s a selection of absolutely slamming old skool happy hardcore tunes from that period in 1994/1995 when hardcore split from jungle (I recently covered the transition point in Drop The Hammer 12), so expect plenty of tearing breakbeats layered over stomping kickdrums, all accompanied by a plethora of vocals, stabs and pianos. So many pianos.


Why Everyone Needs to Fall in Love with Happy Hardcore

At any given moment in time, the world is full of scorned music genres … (however) there is one genre that stands alone as the most mocked, most misunderstood music scene out there: happy hardcore. The scene seems like a moment in dance history that most would rather forget, something that has been abandoned to cultural dead time and is now destined to forever be associated with all those other sources of moral panic from the 1990s, like joyriding, solvent abuse and Sunny D.

Musically, it’s a punishing mix. Take 170 distorted bass drum thuds a minute, parping synth stabs, breakbeats that rattle around like broken washing machines and sling in vocals that sound sung by kids on pills. It’s perhaps not tough to see why it’s widely regarded as rave’s Pompeii – the sound of the dance music that set the agenda for British youth culture in the late 80s and early 90s collapsing after battering itself with one too many handfuls of eccies.

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