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Pearsall presents Escape The Dream (Trance!) [The 780 Project Part 17]

100 minutes of real trance music – driving, hypnotic electronic sounds

escape the dream

Pearsall presents Escape The Dream

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Mixed in Berlin, July 2016
100% Vinyl
(102:56, 235 MB, 320 kbps MP3)

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Style: Trance

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01. Exit EEE – Epidemic (Straight From Heaven Mix) (No Respect)
02. Sourmash – Pilgrimage To Paradise (Barrel Beat Mix) (Prolekult)
03. Aquaplex – Phuture (Universal Prime Breaks)
04. LSG – Hearts (Superstition)
05. T&T – Androgyn (Noom)
06. X-Cabs – Infectious (Remix) (Hook)
07. Paul Gaarn – Meteor Attack (Telica)
08. Cologne Summer – Brasilian Mouthwash (Le Petit Prince)
09. Johen – Dance To The Beat (Unreal)
10. E-Razor – Yeti (Technogold)
11. Sergio C – Frames (Silvereye)
12. Cores – Schattenfeuer (Noom)
13. Azid Force – Amanita Muscaria (Superstition)
14. Superspy – Supernatural V2 (Noom)
15. Framic – Status X (Circles)
16. Man With No Name – Lunar Cycle (Dragonfly)
17. Nuw Idol – Blue Butterfly (Zoom)
18. Paul van Dyk – Movement (Vandit)
19. DJ Randy – Fusion (Smoke Free DJ Tools)
20. Trope – Amphetamine (Prolekult)
21. Ravebase – Journey Into The Sun (Voodoo)
22. Overcharge feat. G-Meter – Foreign Sight (Time Unlimited)
23. Binary Finary – 1998 (Paul van Dyk Remix) (Vale)
24. Leroy – The First Flight (XTC)

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Sorry for the delay in getting new mixes up – life has kind of gotten in the way over the last few months.

Anyways, here’s the latest little mix – it’s 100 minutes of what I would define as real trance music. Hypnotic, driving, melodic electronic sounds, with a minimum of soft beats and endless breakdowns with twee vocals and twinkly arpeggios. Music to lock into, music to drift to, music to make you dream.


PS: I just passed 100,000 listens on Soundcloud – thanks for listening!