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Pearsall presents Prawdziwa Milosc … Sto Lat Iwona! [The 780 Project Part 3]

Deep, atmospheric drum n’ bass mix, featuring tracks by LTJ Bukem, Nookie, PFM, Peshay, E-Z Rollers and more …

Pearsall presents Prawdziwa Milosc … Sto Lat Iwona!

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Mixed in Berlin, January 2016
100% Vinyl
(49:07, 115 MB, 320 kbps MP3)

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Style: Atmospheric Drum n’ Bass

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01. Peshay – The Real Thing (Mo’ Wax)
02. Icons – Aspects & Inspirations (Part 2) (Precious Materials)
03. FBD Project – She’s So (FBD Project)
04. Glamorous Hooligan – Stoned Island Estate (Covert Mix for OCP) (Delancey Mass of Black)
05. Attica Blues – Blueprint (Photek Remix) (Mo’ Wax)
06. Nookie – The Eclipse (Reinforced)
07. Solo & Aura – Wreckin’ Shit (Mo’ Wax)
08. Axis – Solutions (Looking Good)
09. Eugenix – Three Days (Artcore Mix) (Bear Necessities)
10. KMC – Polaris (Timeless)
11. LTJ Bukem – Coolin’ Out (Good Looking)
12. Jodeci – Feenin’ (LTJ Bukem Remix) (MCA)
13. Tango – Spellbound (Creative Wax)
14. Lil’ Louis – Clap Your Hands (PFM Remix) (Go! Beat)
15. E-Z Rollers – Walk This Land (Moving Shadow)

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For my third mix in The 780 Project, I would like to put forward a little something special … a birthday present for my number one lady, my wife Iwona.

Iwona is Polish, and so the title of the mix is in her native tongue, and it means ‘Real Love … Happy Birthday Iwona!’, which is appropriate because today is, well, her birthday. (And I love her, too, for what it’s worth)

Happy birthday, Iwona!

Besides taking her out for dinner tonight I also thought I would give her a little musical present.

She’s not at all a fan of mental 4/4 stomping techno/trance stuff, but she does like the deeper side of drum n’ bass, so this mix is for her. It’s only fifteen tracks long, but through it I’ve tried to pull together a fun selection of deeper tunes from the mid-90’s, balancing out funky and soulful tunes with mellow space business.

As for Iwona, well …

I don’t think I have talked about her very much on this blog, but to be completely honest I would have to say that I am a very very fortunate man to have met her.

We’ve been together since the summer of 2007 and meeting her has been, I would say, the pivotal moment of my adult life. My personal and professional happiness is intimately tied to our time together. Being with her has made me a better person – a harder-working, more serious, and more conscientious person. We have been married for six and a half years now, and parents for five, and it has been great.

It’s not been completely perfect, of course, because both of us are human, and both of us are flawed – she has a short temper, and I have … a tendency … to … drift …

We have had our ups and downs like any other couple – there have been times when we have fought and times when we just haven’t gotten along that well. That’s life – reality is never as neat and tidy as it can seem from the outside (like everyone else, our social media personas are a sanitized version of our real lives). And she can be really difficult sometimes (fortunately ‘difficult Eastern European woman’ is a category of femininity I enjoy!)

Even so, it’s been remarkably easy to be with her for all these years. She is warm-hearted, caring, and every day she makes me laugh. She is interesting, smart and engaged, and she has resolutely supported me whenever I have had down moments. She is also a wonderful and loyal friend, as well as a fantastic mom to our little girl!

Being married to her has been great, and I hope we get to spend many more birthdays together.

Kocham cie, Iwona.

Iwona & I, November 2015
Iwona & I, November 2015