Pearsall presents Kowloon Nights (The Technasia Sound)

Kowloon Nights

Pearsall presents Kowloon Nights (The Technasia Sound)

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100% Vinyl!
Mixed in Berlin, April 2015
(58:13, 133 MB, 320 kbps MP3)

Cover image: Taken from Reddit user ansrali. See here for the original.

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Style: A tribute to the techno genius of Technasia

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01. Technasia – Force (Reprise) (Technasia)
02. Technasia – Future Mix (Technasia Premonition Mix) (Technasia)
03. Technasia – Ghett-O-Freak (Techn-O-Mix) (Technasia)
04. Technasia – The Steppin’ Show (Extended) (With John Thomas) (Technasia)
05. Technasia – Evergreen (Technasia Remix) (Technasia)
06. Technasia – Evergreen I (Technasia)
07. Technasia – More Fusin’ (Music Man)
08. Sound Of K – Silvery Sounds (Technasia Hard Mix) (F Communications)
09. Technasia – The Awakening (Technasia)
10. Technasia – Final Quadrant (The Cosmic Beats) (Technasia)
11. Technasia – Swarm (Sino)
12. Static Drum – External (Technasia Remix) (Logistic)
13. Technasia – Hydra (Re-Hydrated) (Technasia)
14. John Thomas – Undisputed Life (Technasia Mix 2) (Sino)
15. Technasia – 2 The Floor (With DJ Nasty and Fletch Flex) (Technasia)
16. Technasia – Tropicalia 2 (Technasia)
17. Joey Beltram – The Start It Up (Technasia Remix) (Glass Splinters)
18. Technasia – Acid Storm (Sino)
19. Technasia – Hydra (De-Hydrated) (Technasia)
20. Technasia – Millenniums (The Unknown) (Technasia)


2015 is clearly the year of tribute mixes from me. So far this year I’ve done tributes to Choci’s Chewns, Mala, and Doc Scott, and now I am very proud to present my tribute mix to perhaps my favorite techno artist of them all … Technasia!

(I’ve also done a tribute mix to hard trance geniuses Nuclear Hyde, and that will be posted in a few weeks time).

Technasia was originally a collaboration between Frenchman Charles Siegling and Hong Konger Amil Khan (although it has been a Siegling solo project since 2008) – they hooked up in the late 90’s with the goal of putting South-East Asia on the global techno map, through radio shows, explosive dj sets (check out their legally released mixes like Plus Technasia Charles Siegling and Fuse presents Technasia for a taste), and, of course, great productions. And in this I think they succeeded quite nicely!

My first exposure to Technasia was hearing ‘Crosswalk’ on Dave Clarke’s Electro Boogie Vol. 2 mix. Cold vibes, robotic electro beats, sparkling synths – what was not to love? Clearly these were artists deserving of further investigation …

And this investigation led to a rich reward, as I discovered a dynamic duo who were carving out a very special niche for themselves with their club-friendly electro and techno beats, funky basslines, and ear for a melody (an under-rated commodity in techno, where too many artists seem to think a kick drum and some scraping metallic sounds can make up your entire sonic palette). From their first release up through their second album, 2006’s Popsoda, any Technasia release or remix was pretty much buy on sight for me. Listen to these fucking tunes, man! So good.

Since becoming a solo project in 2008, the Technasia sound has shifted away from the high-energy style as showcased on this mix to a slower, more minimal rolling style of techno which isn’t quite as much to my taste. Hence why this mix features nothing later than Popsoda. I don’t blame Charles Siegling for changing his style – obviously as an artist your tastes change over time and you want to do different things and go in different directions musically. Speaking as a fan, though, I definitely prefer the earlier stuff.

Which is why this mix focuses on exactly those tunes – I’ve tried to cover the full spectrum of that classic Technasia sound, from the breaks and electro of the first few tunes through smooth and funky tech-house and on to peak-time techno bangers before ending on a more downtempo note. I’m very pleased with it and I hope you enjoy it too!

One last thing to mention is that their aesthetic was also great, as shown by these covers: