Tuesday Time Machine: My Top 10 (Hard) Trance Tracks of All Time

10 Hard Trance stormers guaranteed to bring a big smile to your face.

Molecule Man
Molecule Man

A few weeks back, Dyzphazia of Freeformatted asked me to name my 10 favorite trance tracks of all time; here was my answer:

In the interests of sharing, here are those ten tracks for you to listen to and enjoy.

Nuclear Hyde – Accelerator

L.S.G. – Hearts

K90 – Deliverance

Planet Fuse – Innocent Dream (Egoist Mix)

Mass In Orbit – Overdrive

DJ Mind-X – Nightingale (Suspicious Remix)

Man With No Name – Sugar Rush

X-Cabs – Neuro

Wippenberg – Neurodancer

The Secret – Gorgeous

What are your 10 favorite hard trance tunes?