Guest Mixes Old School Mix Marathon V

Old School Mix Marathon V

Seven fresh old skool mixes from Pearsall, Yoko, Meke, Dave Elyzium, Spacehopper, and Morden – from hard trance to acid to gabber to Goa to rave!

Old School Mix Marathon V

Old School Mix Marathon V

Seven fresh mixes of old skool goodness from’s Old School Electronica Channel, plus a selection of classic 90’s mixtapes

For the second year running, Sonicrampage is very happy to present the official blog post to accompany the Old School Mix Marathon V, a very special project organized by Finland’s DJ Meke in conjunction with Digitally Imported’s Old School Electronica channel to celebrate the best in old school rave music (click here to check out the Old School Mix Marathon IV). As I said before, the goal of this project is to “create a series of old skool mixes from across a range of harder dance music styles, mixed by dj’s from across Europe, that would showcase the amazing music made in the 90’s to nostalgiacs and newcomers alike.”

This year’s edition certainly does that, with specially created mixes covers everything from hard trance to rave to Goa trance to, from myself, acid techno.

Here’s a quick run down of the mixes:

Pearsall Slaves to the Silver Box – My own contribution (of which I am working on a separate, distinct post) is another dark, rumbling acid journey, in a similar vein to previous mixes of mine like Beyond The Valley Of The Acid Vixens and The Waveform Cult. IF you like the mind-expanding capabilities of the Roland TB-303, then this is for you!
Yoko vs Meke Rave’O’Lution – The Flashback team deliver 80 minutes of relentless European hard trance, covering both classics and obscurities, as well as some modern takes on the classic hard trance sound from Sound Spectre, Artemis Wave, and Yoko himself. High bpm’s, lots of acid, and gigantic melodies … what’s not to love?
Dawn vs Meke RetroActive VI – Meke’s second appearance, alongside Germany’s DJ Dawn, is another headfirst dive into vintage hard trance, with Dawn’s set covering the anthems, while Meke works in some obscurities from SDD label compilations (and I’ll stick my hand up here and say that I’ve never heard any of these tunes before!)
Dave Elyzium Classic Goa & Morden OMGoa – Both Welsh hard trance dj/producer Dave Elyzium and Finnish dj Morden deliver awesome hour long sets of 90’s Goa trance. I haven’t really listened to this stuff in a while … and so I had forgotten how good it is. It’s easy to joke about psytrance and all of its ‘herders of the moon goat’ hippy baggage, but tune wise this early punchy Goa stuff was pretty damn good. I definitely recommend grabbing both mixes if you like psytrance, or even if you are just curious.
Yoko RetroRaveTekk – Yoko’s second mix is a vintage selection of punchy early 90’s rave music, that rich brew of innovation, rip-offs and general dancefloor lunacy from continental Europe that existed at the moment before hardcore, trance, and techno all became distinct genres with rigidly set boundaries. Awesome.
Spacehopper Classic Gabber – Last but very much not least is this absolutely storming set from Spacehopper, covering some of the greatest ever moments in hardcore techno history. Not for the faint-hearted, this high-velocity brain-shredder of a set brings together awesome tunes from the likes of Hellfish, Tieum, Dolphin, and more, and finishes on what is quite possibly the finest moment in hardcore history … Lenny Dee’s Forgotten Moments. Great set.

For easier navigation, click these links to take you straight to your mix of choice:

Pearsall – Slaves To The Silver Box (Acid)
Yoko vs Meke – Rave’O’Lution (Hard Trance)
DJ Dawn vs Meke – RetroActive 6 (Hard Trance)
Dave Elyzium (Goa Trance)
Yoko (Rave)
Spacehopper (Gabba)
Morden (Goa Trance)

Enjoy the mixes!

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Pearsall presents Slaves To The Silver Box

Mixed in London in January 2012, using 100% vinyl on two Technics 1210’s and a Pioneer DJM600 mixer
(65:02, 155 MB, 320 KBPS MP3)

Cover by Pirate Vereker

Style: Acid

Single mp3 file
Zip file (split into separate tracks)
Cue file
Big cover


01. Lenny Dee vs DJ Edge – 303 + 606 (Edge)
02. Ray & G.O.D. – Love Inside (Time Unlimited)
03. Kult of Krameria – Love & Happiness (Warning Inc)
04. Winx – Hypnotizin’ (Sorted)
05. Hardfloor – Trancescript (Harthouse)
06. Underground Resistance – Communications Silence (Underground Resistance)
07. Nostrum – Acid House (Mono Mix) (Time Unlimited)
08. The Rising Sons – Afghan Acid (Toxic 2 Remix) (Extortion)
09. Emmanuel Top – Lobotomie (NovaMute)
10. The Aloof – Mind (Instrumental) (Flaw)
11. Tim Taylor & Dan Zamani – The Horn Track (The Pump Panel Remix) (Missile)
12. Time Stretch Armstrong – The Driving Force (Stay Up Forever)
13. Awex – It’s Our Future (Plastic City)
14. Tesox – Go Ahead London (Plastic City)
15. Wicked Wipe – Rok Da House (Original Slaughterhouse Mix) (Virtual)
16. DJ Randy – Enter Load (Smoke Free DJ Tools)
17. SOB – Intent To Deceive (Cluster)
18. DJ Misjah & DJ Tim – Access (X-Trax)
19. Millsart – Step To Enchantment (Stringent) (Axis)


Yoko vs Meke – Rave’O’Lution Flashback team

Mixed in January 2013
(77:31, 145 MB, 256 KBPS MP3)

Style: Old Skool European Hardtrance

Yoko vs Meke – Rave’O'Lution by Meke on Mixcloud

Single mp3 file
Zip file (split into separate tracks)
Cue file
Large cover


DJ Yoko

01. Aurora Borealis – Raz (Carl Cox’s MMR Mix) (F Communication)
02. Soundspectre – Starwalker (Unreleased)
03. Fünf Freunde – Blop (Friends)
04. Scooter – Raving In Mexico (Club Tools)
05. Artemis Wave – Celestial (Unreleased)
06. Cyclone Tracy – Hypnotizing (Friends)
07. Yoko – Enter The Vortex (Unreleased)
08. DJ Richard & Johnny Bass – Danger (Harem)
09. Jumpers – Gungleboy (Down Gungle) (Boy)
10. Code 18 – Overflow (Hardtrance Mix) (United Ravers)
11. Sequential One – Dance (Remix) (Rough Technology)
12. Genlog – THC (Low Spirit)
13. Arpeggiators – Express Yourself (Live At The Omen ’92) (Harthouse)
14. Rexanthony – Kawtrone (Sound Of The Bomb)

DJ Meke

01. Ocho – The Sound Ceased (ADN Sound)
02. Carlo Testi – Mayday (Scarey Mix) (Anthem)
03. TNT – Max-E-Mize (Energize Mix) (Acceleration)
04. Mad Cat – Man The Creator (Bosca Beats)
05. DJ Eclipse – Ultraworld 5 (Bonkers)
06. Infra-Sonic – Language Machine (Noisy Mix) (DFC)
07. Volta – Russian Influence (European Mix) (Union)
08. Perplexer – Love Is In The Air (Dee-Lay-Art Core Mix) (Urban)
09. Xavi Escolano – DAFYK (DJ’s At Work)
10. Ultimate – Hypnotic Feeling (Spaceflower)
11. DJ Pastis – Human Voices (Free)

RetroActive 6

DJ Dawn vs DJ Meke – RetroActive 6

Germany vs Finland Old Skool Battle

Mixed in January 2013
(79:34, 149 MB, 256 KBPS MP3)

Style: Old Skool European Hardtrance

DJ Dawn vs DJ Meke – RetroActive VI by Meke on Mixcloud

Single mp3 file
Zip file (split into separate tracks)
Cue file
Large cover


DJ Dawn

01. Vicious Delicious – Hocus Pocus (InDisc)
02. Technohead – The Passion (#1) (Mokum)
03. Interactive – Amok (Dance Street)
04. Illuminatae – Tremora Del Terra (XVX)
05. Club X – Don’t Deny The Beat (Say No More)
06. NIP Collective – I’m About (Pedo Beat)
07. Kamasutra – Waterfront (No Respect)
08. Ultra Shock – Sound Of E (Logic)
09. Ultra Shock – Stepping Energy (Cyberrave Mix) (Logic)
10. Chill ‘n Force – Move Raver (Kee Mo Mix) (Dos Or Die)
11. Gary D. – Sunbeam (Container)
12. Pro-Activ – Back To Atlantis (Rave Version) (Suck Me Plasma)
13. Mind X – Feel The Generation (Rave O’ Matic)
14. Olymp-X – Hypnotizing (Bonzai Jumps)
15. Master Density – Give Me A Bass (Pirate)
16. Happy Ravers – Hardcore Dreams (Flying Beam)
17. Aldus Haza – To The Beat (Moon)
18. World Inside The Music Feat. DJ Panda – It’s A Dream (Infused Mix) (Outta)
19. Silverplate – Attention (Master Maximum Trance Traxx)
20. D-Fence And Confusion – The Voice (Sub Terranean)
21. RMB – Matisse (Low Spirit)
22. DJ Weirdo & DJ Sim – Go Get Busy (Extended Rave Version) (Pengo)
23. Razor – A Day In Paradise (Goldfinger)
24. Rexanthony – Capturing Matrix (Transgression Version) (Sound Of The Bomb)


01 TMC – The World Is Going Down Without Us (SDD)
02 Mike De Wills – Double Experience (SDD)
03 United Clean – Beam Me Up (SDD)
04 DJ King – I Had A Dream Tonight (SDD)
05 Norman Hackers – To Be In The House (SDD)
06 Concrete – Double D (SDD)
07 X-sex – Prayer (SDD)
08 Pasha – This Sound Is Now (SDD)
09 Mickey House – Burn Baby (SDD)
10 Tom Suckers – Beats (SDD)
11 Plastic Man – Pump House Groove (SDD)
12 Loveboy – This Is For Mella K (SDD)

Dave Elyzium – Classic Goa Trance

Mixed in January 2013
(59:53, 140 MB, 320 KBPS MP3)

Style: Goa Trance

Dave Elyzium – DI.FM Old School Mix Marathon 2013 – Classic Goa Trance Set by Dave Elyzium on Mixcloud

Single mp3 file
Zip file (split into separate tracks)
Cue file


01. Terra Ferma – The Scream (Platipus)
02. Shakta – Amber Mantra (Psychic Deli)
03. Cosmosis – Interspatial Meltdown (Transient)
04. Hallucinogen – Shamanix Remix (Tip)
05. Fuzzy Logic – Mega Goa (Hypnotic)
06. Astral Projection – Mahadeva (1996 Remix) (Transient)
07. M.F.G. – Desert Sun (Symbiosis)
08. Slinky Nuns – Shitty Stick (Flying Rhino)
09. Miranda – Triplexus (Koyote)
10. Marmion – Schöneberg (Man With No Name Remix) (Hooj Choons)
11. Cosmosis – Alien Disco (Transient)

Yoko – RetroRaveTekk

Mixed in January 2013
(60:19, 142 MB, 320 KBPS MP3)

Style: Early 90’s Rave Tekno

Single mp3 file
Zip file (split into separate tracks)
Cue file


01. NRG – He Never Lost His Hardcore (Mayday Remix) (Chill)
02. God’s Groove – Prayer Two (Black Flame)
03. MDMA – E-Shopping (Degenerate)
04. Interactive – Dildo (Interdrive Mix) (ZYX)
05. Datura – Eternity (Datura’s Bloom) (Trance)
06. Tune Request – Motherfucker (Mid Town)
07. L.A. Style – James Brown Is Dead (Bounce)
08. Westbam – The Mayday Anthem (Low Spirit)
09. Infidus – Hyperspeed (T.Vee Remix) (Rave 55)
10. DJ Marco Bailey – Bambu (Bonzai)
11. The Montini Experience II – Scizonoid (Nitric)
12. Green Velvet – Flash (Relief)
13. Ramirez – El Ritmo Barbaro (El Flagelo Mix) (DFC)
14. Force Mass Motion – Force Format (Rabbit City)
15. Tesox – Funky Bassline (Plastic City)
16. Antic – Digital Mass (Jinx)
17. Baby Doc & The Dentist – Cyanide (Dream Inn)
18. Yves Deruyter – Rave City (Cherry Mix) (Bonzai)
19. Hardsequencer – Noise Is The Message (I Am A Nightmare Walking) (Fire)

Spacehopper – Classic Gabber

Mixed in December 2011
(62:09, 146 MB, 320 KBPS MP3)

Style: Gabba and Hardcore Techno

Single mp3 file
Zip file (split into separate tracks)
Cue file


01. DJ Dolphin & DJ Tox – Ascendus Avernum (Social Parasite)
02. The Accusers – Ecstatic Solidarity (D-Stroy)
03. R. Wagner – Listen Carefully (Dom)
04. Dolphin, Tox & Dare – Yeah Motherfucker (Hardcore Mafia)
05. Hellfish – Techno City (Deathchant)
06. Tieum – Overdoz (Psykiatrik)
07. The Brutalist – Voice Of Your Conscience (The Raven’s Voice Over Edit) (Fix)
08. Don Diablo – Better Than Better (Re-Fuse Special)
09. Don Diablo – Out There (Re-Fuse)
10. The Accusers – Open Your Mind (D-Stroy)
11. Walter One – Live In Hell (Mokum)
12. Technological Terror Crew – Where Angels Fear To Tread Remix (Deathchant)
13. The Accusers – Demons Of Revival (D-Stroy)
14. J-Tek – Alienz 2 (Area 51)
15. Lenny Dee – Forgotten Moments (LD)

Morden – OMGoa

Mixed in January 2013
(60:48, 114 MB, 256 KBPS MP3)

Style: Goa Trance

Single mp3 file
Zip file (split into separate tracks)
Cue file


01. Transwave – Anahata (Return To The Source)
02. Transwave – Vision Quest (Substance)
03. The Art Of Trance – Octopus (Man With No Name Remix) (Platipus)
04. Man With No Name – Lunar Cycle (Dragonfly)
05. Disco Volante – Moonraker (Man With No Name Remix) (Transient)
06. Zodiac Youth – False Prophet (Man With No Name Remix) (Dragonfly)
07. Doof – Star Above Parvati (TIP)
08. S.U.N. Project – Casio-Paya (Velvet Inc)
09. Juno Reactor – Mars (Blue Room Released)
10. Transwave – Malaka Dance (Substance)
11. Transwave – Flamicogyre (3D Vision)