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Thanks for your donations!

Soundcloud Pro

I’d like to thank all of you who have donated so generously to Sonicrampage. I’ve now raised enough to upgrade my Soundcloud account to the Pro planthanks!

There’s a little money left over, which I am putting towards my next donation goal: paying for this site’s hosting, which will be several hundred dollars when my contract renews in February.

Why donate? Well, pretty simply to support the whole Sonicrampage project: great mixes from across the dance music spectrum, nicely packaged, and with thoughtful essays, interviews, and photos to accompany them. If you enjoy this site, and can afford to give something to keep it running, I would greatly appreciate any contribution, big or small.

What do you get for donating? Well, first and foremost you are supporting what I do and helping to ensure that this site remains a great resource for the global dance community, as well as ensuring that I can continue to post new mixes from myself and guests.

More specifically, however, if you donate you will also get heads up on new mixes before they go live, as well as the occasional special mix that won’t be going live on the site at all. I haven’t yet done one of these, but by Christmas there will be a special donors only mix done and distributed.

So thanks again and I hope you enjoy the two new mixes coming this week!