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Guest Mix: DJ A.K. presents Operation Chaos

Put on some trackies, shave your head, and do the Running Man for the next eight hours.

DJ A.K. presents Operation Chaos

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Mixed in October 2011
(79:56, 92.3 MB, 160 KBPS MP3)

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Style: Bouncy Techno & Early Gabba

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01. Twin Terror – I Feel Alive (Hell)
02. Obliterator – Ruff To The Max (Babyboom)
03. G-Town Madness – Hardcore Beats (Culture Shock)
04. Sonicdriver – Mind On A Beat (Babyboom)
05. DJ Alex – In Control (Brrr)
06. DJ Isaac – Bad Dreams (Remix) (Samurai)
07. DJ Isaac – The Hardway (Dwarf)
08. Hyperact – House Aggression (Dwarf)
09. DJ Lancinhouse Meets The Stunned Guys – Fuckin’ Sweat (Very Hard Unresistable)
10. Hyperact – Best Friend (Dwarf)
11. Innerchild – Pista Mare (K.N.O.R.)
12. Obliterator – Higher (Bang to the Beat) (Babyboom)
13. Brothers in Crime – Out of Sight (Babyboom)
14. Phoenix – (Now) Who’s in Control? (Ruffneck)
15. Stingray – Let the Bass Be Louder (Dwarf)
16. The Scotchman – Happy Vibes (Babyboom)
17. The Beatsquad – Miles of Smiles (Pengo)
18. Tony Salmonelli – Once Again (Buzz Fuzz Remix) (BZRK)
19. General Noise – Pump This Groove (Forze)
20. DJ E-Rick & Tactic – Bring The Noise (BZRK)
21. Lord of Hardcore – Work That Sukka (Screwdriver)
22. DJ Paul – Pump This Party (Rotterdam)
23. DJ Pila, Lady Dana, DJ Shorp & Dulk – Ooh God Damn I’m Great (Inferno)
24. DJ Isaac & Pagan – 2 Definitions (Dwarf)
25. D-Tox – Stand Up (Jolly Roger)
26. The Beatsquad – Roll The Drum (Pengo)
27. DJ Weirdo & Sim – Go Get Busy (Pengo)
28. Bass-D & King Matthew – Like A Dream (Inferno)

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Cover: London Wetland Centre, Barnes, October 2011

Do you feel like shaving your head, filling your wardrobe with tracksuits, and doing the Running Man for eight hours in a row?


You sure?

Well, you will after you listen to this fine selection of early gabba and bouncy techno, lovingly curated by DJ A.K. (above). Sonicrampage regulars will no doubt remember DJ A.K. from his hardcore techno classics mix that was featured in August’s free hardcore post. Having posted that, I got in touch with the man himself via USH to see if he would be interested in providing a guest mix, he said sure, and now I’m very happy to provide you with this selection of fine stomping music.

And it’s some seriously nice stuff! Big daft hardcore rave music from the 90’s … few things in this life are finer. Bouncy synths, rap samples, distorted kickdrums, and plenty of hands in the air moments. Fantastic. For once I’ve decided not to waffle on at great length, so I hope you enjoy the mix, and if you do, leave a comment below.

A few more pics of DJ A.K.:

Finally, here are some vintage hardcore rave videos from Holland, Scotland, and England, for those of you who are too young to have experienced it at the time:

Great days!