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Guest Mix: Audio Addict presents Beneath

Deep, dark dubstep from Birmingham’s Audio Addict.

Audio Addict presents Beneath

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Mixed in Birmingham, July 2011
(47:33, 109 MB, 320 KBPS MP3)

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Style: Deep and dark dubstep

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01. Kryptic Minds – Time Flies Ft. Alys Be (Osiris Music UK)
02. DJ Madd – Good Old Days (Black Box)
03. Cyrus – Decisions (Deep Medi Musik)
04. DJ Madd – Secrets (Wheel & Deal)
05. Shredexx – Hardest (Subdepth)
06. Hatcha & Lost – King Of The Trees (Black Box)
07. Kryptic Minds & Youngsta – Surge (Osiris Music UK)
08. DJ Madd – Dub Marine (Kryptic Minds Remix) (Black Box)
09. Shredexx – S.A.M.C.R.O (Subdepth)
10. Silkie – Feel (feat. Truth) (Deep Medi Musik)
11. Von D – Set Me Free Ft. Phephe (Boka)
12. Benton – Sinners (Box Clever)
13. Von D & DJ Madd – U (Boka)
14. Benton – Necromancy (Box Clever)
15. Kryptic Minds – The Fifth (Black Box)
16. Seven – Sinister (Black Box)
17. Von D – You’re The One ft. Phephe (Boka)
18. DJ Madd – Awaken (Black Box)
19. Cyrus – Manhattan Blues (Deep Medi Musik)
20. N-Type & Cyrus – Dark Frequency (Black Box)

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Cover: Under a railway bridge on the Regents Canal by Lisson Green, London, December 2008

Another day, another guest mix. 🙂

This time, I’m featuring an excellent deep dubstep mix from Brummy dubstep dj Audio Addict. I first became aware of him when he posted his Skream tribute on Dubstep Forum. Having also done my own Skream tribute (as well as my own Matty G tribute, for that matter), I had to check it out, and, shit, it was great!

One tribute mix is a good thing, but the dude then went nuts, embarking on an epic journey, posting tribute mixes every week to a different dubstep producer. With 20 sets promised, Audio Addict has already provided excellent tribute mixes to artists as different as Benga, Datsik, Kryptic Minds, Flux Pavilion, Rusko, and Caspa, amongst others.

Having downloaded and listened to a bunch of them, I got in touch to ask if he might like to contribute a guest mix; he said sure, what do you want? And I said “some deepdarkstuff, kplizthnx :)”.

(OK, I didn’t actually put it like that).

And he delivered! This is a proper deep and moody mix, perfect head-nodding stuff. So to accompany the mix and tell you a bit more about the man, here are a few questions and answers to ponder:

Pearsall: First up, the basics: what’s your name, how old are you, where are you from, etc?

Audio Addict: My name is David Farrell, I am 23 and from Birmingham, England, UK … Can’t tell you anymore than that, there are thieves about!

How long have you been dj-ing? Did you start out with dubstep or is that something you evolved into as a dj?

Well I started dj-ing when I was 13/14 playing Grime/Uk Garage/2 Step. I was playing that for about 4 years and never really moved forward. Realising the scene wasn’t for me and was getting me mixed up with the wrong sort of people, I took a long-awaited break from the whole thing but was still sort of following the music.

The start of 2007 was where it all changed as I started to slowly cross over to drum & bass which I had heard a little of over the years but didn’t really get into it. I started to go to all the big raves in Birmingham, changing my whole view on things (ecstasy helped, lol).

How’d you get into dubstep?

I was first introduced to dubstep at Break Thru, one of the many drum & bass raves I went to. I will never forget the sheer bliss walking into Room 2 (The Dubstep Room), it took me right back. It sort of resembled what I played as a teen but NO … only the bpm was the same. This music was perfect … all the carnage of jump-up drum n’ bass set at a lovely 140 bpm.

It all started there really. I was off, inspired once again!!!

What is it about dubstep that does it for you?

Dubstep basically covers all the ranges of frequencies I want to hear. From the deeper than deep vibes of Kryptic Minds, DJ Madd, Youngsta etc. to the ear-piercing stompers of Flux Pavilion, Datsik, Trolley Snatcha etc, not to forget about perfect anthems from Chase & Status, Drumsound & Bassline Smith, Nero etc.

So to answer that one … EVERYTHING!!!

You’ve been busy working away at this epic series of tribute mixes, what was the thinking behind the series and what’s been the reaction so far?

Well the idea for the “Audio Addict Presents …” came from my first idea, which was to do single label mixes like my Best Of ROTTUN RECORDINGS mix which I got some quite good feedback on. I really wanted to do a huge mix series and there weren’t enough great labels with enough tracks to do it that way so I changed direction to doing an artist tribute mix series. So far it is going very well and I’m gaining followers by the hour!

Who are your favourite artists?

I can’t really pin point my absolute favourites as my love for the scene is pretty wide-ranging but here is a list of the guys who are doing it for me at the moment:

Enigma Dubz
DJ Madd
Kryptic Minds
Chase & Status
Liquid Stranger
Flux Pavilion

What’s the thinking behind the mix?

This mix is essentially full of tracks that would come under the style of dubstep that has seriously started to grow on me lately – deeeep grit!!!

What do you use to mix? Vinyl, cd, or something digital like Serato or Traktor?

When I first started getting back into mixing, I got myself a Stanton CM205 which consists of 2 cd trays and a mixer all built in together; very cheap stuff to start out with but it did the job of getting me back on track. Then of course I had to go and invest in a pair of my own Pioneer CDJ1000’s and a lovely Pioneer DJM700. They’re my babies (apart from the missus of course!)

What clubs have you played at? Where can people catch you if they want to hear more?

I have played at various places in Birmingham, such as The Custard Factory, The Rainbow Warehouse & Cellar Door, Subway, Plug and PMT. I have also played at some others across the UK which I cannot remember the name of. (Drink is great).

You will see me doing a lot of things at the Rainbow Warehouse in the near future and I also have a charity event coming up which I must mention which will be at “Bliss” on Broad St, Birmingham on the 25th August, it’s for a very good cause “Premature Babys”. GET INVOLVED PEOPLE!!!

Be sure to catch my radio show every Friday 8pm – 10pm UK time on 😉

Finally, anything more you want to add?

I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who has supported me and everyone continuing to do so, it means a lot. Big ups to all that follow Dubstep – it is the Future.

And of course thanks to you for having me do this mix and interview … It has been a pleasure 🙂

For more mixes, check out Audio Addict’s Soundcloud page