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Guest Mix: DJ Meke presents Nostrumo (A Tribute to Nostrum)

DJ Meke’s tribute to German acid trance legend Nostrum

DJ Meke

DJ Meke presents Nostrumo (A Tribute to Nostrum)

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Mixed in Finland, April 2010
(49.43, 69.1 MB, 192 KBPS MP3)

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Style: a tribute to German hard trance legend Nostrum

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01. Nostrum – Mirror (Time Unlimited)
02. Nostrum – Walk And Speak (Time Unlimited)
03. Nostrum – The End (Time Unlimited)
04. Trancelate – Sweet Music (Nostrum Remix) (Respect!! Records)
05. Nostrum – E-Motion (Time Unlimited)
06. Nostrum – Blowback (Time Unlimited)
07. Nostrum – Baby (Remix) (Time Unlimited)
08. Nostrum – Brainchild (Time Unlimited)
09. D.Trance – Springworld (Nostrum Remix) (DJs Present)
10. Nostrum – Monastery (Time Unlimited)
11. Nostrum – Brilliant (Hard Trance Mix) (Time Unlimited)
12. Nostrum – Trancmigration (Time Unlimited)

Cover courtesy of DJ Meke

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Last week DJ Meke from Finland got in touch to ask if I could help him identify some old skool hardtrance tunes for him. I couldn’t, but, having been a fan of some of his excellent mixes of mid-90’s hardtrance (check out this thread on BangingTunes for tracklistings and links), I asked if he would be interested in contributing a guest mix for the site. He said sure and mentioned that he had a Nostrum tribute mix ready, and that instantly sealed the deal for me!

For those who don’t know, Nostrum is Bernd Augustinski from Cologne, Germany. Bernd was responsible for a succession of amazing trance records in the mid to late 1990’s on the Time Unlimited label, combining beautiful, bittersweet melodies with twisted acid lines and pounding high-velocity rhythms. I’m not too sure what he’s been up to in recent years, but at least from his MySpace page he seems to still be involved in music. I’ve always been a big fan of his stuff, and I’ve used Nostrum tracks on Rampage Turbo 3 and Rampage Turbo 4.

If you know the Nostrum sound, then this mix will be a trip down memory lane, and if you don’t then you will really be in for a treat!

I’d like to thank Meke for allowing me to host the mix, and for answering the following questions:

Pearsall: Can you tell us a bit about yourself? Where are you from, how you got into dance music and what made you start mixing?

Meke: Hi, I’m DJ Meke from Finland, the land of the thousand lakes and the Finrg sound. I was one of the first dj’s in Finland who played UK hardcore and who still plays 90’s hardtrance.

My love for “techno” or electric music was born when I first heard Jean-Michel Jarre & Vangelis in the late 80’s. Later I found The Prodigy, and it was my first rave when I saw them live in Finland in 1994. After raving for many years I wanted to try mixing and djing. Now I have 10 years behind me and still going strong.

What kind of stuff do you play?

UK hardcore, makina, J-core, freeform, hardtrance, hardhouse, rave, & finrg. Sometimes I even play industrial sets. You could say that all “hard” genres are near to my heart.

Where have you played over the years?

Well I can mention a few bigger gigs: Tidy Finland, Madwave vs. Finrg, Hardbour (Eryk Orpheus was the guest dj there) and Säde (Karim was playing there). I also have to mention the Force party where I am resident dj (some guest djs: Proteus (FI), Amber D (UK), Garbo (UK), K90 (UK), Lee Haslam (UK), Pearce M (UK) & Simon Eve (UK). Still waiting for my first gig in other countries.

Do you have any favourite memories of dj-ing to share with us?

Yeah, few months ago I won 1st place in the Säde DJ Competition. Säde is a hard dance event made by Proteus and his fellow dj’s.

What’s the idea behind this mix? Why a tribute to Nostrum?

I was planning on doing another oldskool hardtrance mix and I was stuck mixing two Nostrum tracks, and after that came a third track from the same artist. After that I decided to do a Nostrum tribute mix.

It went pretty well I think.

When did you record this mix and how did you do it? Did you use vinyl, CD, Serato, or something else?

This mix was made April 16, 2010 using CDs. I have Pioneer gear at home (DJM 800 and 2 x Pioneer CDJ 1000). I like the sound of CDs but I have some vinyls too. I’m not so into Serato, but I have tried it a few times.

Do you have any interesting mixes planned for the future?

I’ve done a new 90’s hardtrance mix for radio (oldschool electronica channel), which will be out in June. I don’t know the exact date yet, but it’s one of the best mixes I have made.

If people want to check out more of your mixes, where can they do so?

A good place to know me and find more info is to join my facebook group.