Pearsall presents Rampage Turbo 4

Banging freeform/hard trance/hardcore mix, featuring tracks from Nostrum, Kevin Energy, Brisk & Fade, Sy & Unknown, Sharkey and more!

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Pearsall presents Rampage Turbo 4

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Mixed in Edinburgh, December 2002
(67:33, 105.9 MB, APX VBR MP3)

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Style: freeform hardcore and a little bit of gabba

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01. Nostrum – Brilliant (Hardtrance Mix) (Time Unlimited)
02. Aura Infinity – Acid Bottle (Remix) (Storm)
03. Gollum & Arne L II – Yeh! (UK44)
04. DJ Choci & DJ Paola – Cherokee (Voltage Controlled Frequencies)
05. Ruffage & Mannik – They’re Coming (Elation)
06. Two’s Company – Dream (Nu Energy)
07. Helix – Helixia (Stompin’ Choonz)
08. Tom U4EA & James F – Nightmare On Base (Electronic Recordings)
09. Jonny Go Mental – I Can Feel It (Acid And Bass Mix) (Raving Mad)
10. Kevin Energy – Roll With This (Fast As Fuck Mix) (Nu Energy)
11. Tazz & Concept – Fresh Style (Electronic Recordings)
12. Sy & Unknown – Rock It Like This (Quosh)
13. Brisk & Fade – Retro Rush (Next Generation)
14. Kaos & Ethos – Technorocker (Blatant Beats)
15. KI-Real – Virus (Ferox Remix) (Bionic)
16. Justice – Born To Raise Hell (Megarave)
17. Sharkey & AMS – Mind Control (Bonkerz)
18. DJ Eclipse – Ultraworld 5 (Bonkers)

The fourth in the Rampage Turbo series.

Here’s some reviews of individual tracks from Discogs:

Gollum & Arne L II – Yeh!

‘Yeh!’ is on a very different tip with a punishingly tough bassline. There’s no melody to speak of, just a banging, hard, relentless groove. The beats stop and someone says:”If we do not live for this, then why do we exist?”…indeed!

KI-Real – Virus (Ferox Remix)

This record is dedicated to the great (Hardtrance,Hardcore) Cenobite label back to 1996.

All 4 tracks contain hugh Alpha Juno sounds,wich they use for their Hardtrance melody’s, with stomp deep dark basslines.

When hearing this sound loud,you will hear the dark sound of The old famous Hellraiser at Amsterdam …

Sharkey & AMS – Mind Control

“Mind Control” is more of a speeded up freeform hardcore tune with slightly harder kicks. Long synths and upbeat melody fit well with the finnish guys at Electronic or FINRG. The scifi samples “It’s alive!” work some craziness in with the tune (although slightly overused). Pretty good piano/breakbeat breakdown in there too. Good tune.

DJ Eclipse – Ultraworld 5

This is the pinnacle of the early so called “freeform” hardcore sound, named because the so called “blending” of other styles namely trance and turned into hardcore tracks. Ultraworld is certainly unique, banging and an absolute dancefloor monster! This has been ripped on many dancefloors and totally cained by DJ Sharkey back in the day when “freeform” was still an unknown genre! 10 years down the line and this track is still miles ahead of the pitched up hard trance styles that we now know and love as “freeform” hardcore today.

In my opinion, DJ Eclipse belongs with the early hardcore producer legends such as Sharkey, Brisk, Scott Brown, Sy & Slipmatt! Eclipse’s production carried amazing talent that went relatively unknown to other sub-genres due to lack of support, funding, and perhaps bad timing in the scene. Another crying shame is that he moved to Australia to concentrate on other things and as I understand it no longer produces hardcore! DJ Eclipse – what a legend!