Pearsall presents Rampage Turbo 2

Freeform hardcore mix – free to download, featuring tons of banging tracks!


Pearsall presents Rampage Turbo 2

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Mixed in Edinburgh, June 2002
(69:58, 112.22 MB, APX VBR MP3)

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Style: freeform hardcore

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01. Miss Nic & DJ Swoon – Der Sturm (GBT)
02. Jon the Dentist – The Simirillion (Svenson’s Trip To Gondor) (Phoenix Rising)
03. Lab 4 – Ready to Bop (Fragile)
04. Teknotyx – Time Becomes a Loop (Acid Test)
05. Dave Elyzium – Trippy (Elyzium)
06. Cortex – Eurosis (xy²)
07. Tailbone – Beginning Of A New Era (Billy “Daniel” Bunter & D’Zyne Remix) (GBT)
08. Scott Majestik – Demons (Higher Order)
09. Eclipse vs. Force Mass Motion – Brighter Future (Bonkerz)
10. Stormtrooper & Rushout – Imagine (Nu Energy)
11. DJ Fury – Lemonade Raygun (Main Floor Mix) (Stompin Choonz)
12. Kevin Energy & DJ S4 – Be Alive (Nu Energy)
13. Tazz & Loopy – Battle of the DJ’s (Electronic)
14. DJ Slam – The Bell (Bonkerz)
15. The Omen – Ghettoblaster (Go Mental Dark)
16. Slam & Helix – Influence (Bonkers Unreleased Edit) (Bonkerz)
17. Sharkey – Product of Society (Sharkey’s Hardcore Society Mix) (React)

cover: me, aged 13

This mix, the second in the Rampage Turbo series, covers loads of hardcore ground, from hard acid trance at the start to chunky 90’s stuff like ‘Eurosis’ and ‘Beginning Of A New Era’ to the more orthodox freeform sound of Nu Energy and Stompin Choonz right up to furious breakbeat-influenced carnage at the end, all with loads of chopping, spinbacks, and other dj tricks. I’m still looking for a minidisc copy of Rampage Turbo 1 (although I do have a 128 kbps mp3 version that I might put up if needs be), but otherwise this means that almost all of the Rampage Turbo mixes are now up.