Pearsall presents Rampage Europa 1

Early hardstyle and hard trance from the likes of Uberdruck, Trance Generators, Blutonium Boy, S.H.O.K.K. and many more!

Dorothy Black

Pearsall presents Rampage Europa 1

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Mixed in Edinburgh, January 2003
(71:14, 103 MB, V0 VBR MP3)

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Style: hard trance and hardstyle

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01. Y.A.G.O. – Acid Traxx (Sigma)
02. The Hunter – The Hammer (Techno Mix) (BLQ)
03. Genlog – Mockmoon 2002 (Erik Vee Remix) (Go For It)
04. Russenmafia – Waves To Die (S.O.D. Remix) (Pulse)
05. Nightbass DJ Team – Some Bass (Blutonium Boy Remix) (Blutonium)
06. High Voltage – Go Insane (Sys-X)
07. Schalldruck – Turntable Junky (Uberdruck Mix) (Uberdruck)
08. Unix – Spirit Of God (Club Mix) (Monotone)
09. Rayden – I Know UR Waiting (Uberdruck Remix) (ECB)
10. Jon Doe – Control (T Records)
11. N-Son-X – Fake Buggin (Battlecats Remix) (Shiva Sounds)
12. The Elite – 5 Seconds To Terminate (Trance Generators Remix) (Future Sound Corporation)
13. Vector Two – Bassline (Green Force)
14. S.H.O.K.K. – Folie a Deux (Klub Mix) (Pulse)
15. Jay Walker – Equinox (Sectioned)
16. Phil Reynolds & Chris Hampshire – Let’s Ride The Wave (Recover)
17. Special Force – The Hype (Gang Go)
18. EJ Doubell – Corestar One (Intensive)

Rampage Europa 1 by Pearsall on Mixcloud

This is the first of a series of mixes I did a couple of years ago devoted to the sound of European hard trance and hardstyle. Although I have a preference for the earlier, faster style of European hard trance that was being produced in the mid-90’s, I do enjoy the slower style that came into fashion from the late 90’s. This mix was recorded right as hardstyle was emerging as a major sub-genre of hard trance. Hardstyle is something of a halfway house between hard trance (with its thundering kicks and bass but trancey melodies) and hardcore (which is just hard), and this was the period when it was really starting to kick off. I’ve included a number of hardstyle tunes on here, mainly distinguishable by their pounding basslines (basically a distorted reverse bassline on the offbeat), amongst the more typically melodic hard trance stuff. I actually did two more of these mixes, but I lost them in a recent hard drive crash. All of my mixes up to 2006 were recorded onto minidisc first before being transferred to my pc so I’ve bought a second-hand minidisc player (the old one died ages ago) to transfer my old mixes, so hopefully I’ll be able to find them in amongst the massive pile of unlabelled mini-discs I have in a bag in my closet!