Pearsall presents Dreadnaut

Powerful hard house/nu-rng, featuring tracks from Karim, Tony de Vit, RR Fierce, Paul Glazby, OD404 and many more!

Pearsall presents Dreadnaut

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Mixed in London, March 2006
(76:08, 105 MB, 192 KBPS MP3)

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Style: hard house

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01. Dream Plant – The Mighty Machine (Kinki Roland Remix) (Prolekult)
02. S-J – Estrella (Baby Doc Remix) (Arriba)
03. Fallen Angel – Little Girl (One Inch)
04. DJ Choci – Can You Feel The Force (Daniel Bunter & Steve Vanden Remix) (Cannon)
05. Lab 4 – Reformation II (OD404 Remix) (Alien Trax)
06. Mark NRG – Don’t Stop (Baby Doc Remix) (Tripoli Trax)
07. Karim & Phillip Walsh – Technomove 3 (Tuff Trax)
08. Chris C – Adastra (Nile)
09. DJ Misjah & DJ Tim – Access (KY Jellybabies Remix) (Tripoli Trax)
10. Unknown – Hocus Pocus (Tuff Trax)
11. The Captain & RR Fierce – Street Tab (Tinrib)
12. RR Fierce – Narcan (Fierce Technik)
13. Equinox – Get Up (Tonka Trax)
14. Dynamic Intervention vs Rich & Gordi – Move It (Disco Damage Mix) (Dip)
15. Paul Glazby – I’m Your Nightmare (Tidy Trax)
16. Mad Gay Mafia – Welcome to the Arena (Go & Fuckin’ Have It Mix) (Efadrine)
17. OD404 – Xpress (Hard NRG Mix) (Kaktai)
18. RR Fierce & K-Live – Yamamba (Vicious Circle)
19. Tony de Vit – Are You All Ready? (Tidy Trax)

This is a mix of some of my favourite hard house/hard nrg/nu-nrg tracks that I did a couple of years ago. Some of these were big anthems, and some were more underground (of course, this is all relative, since none of these records ever came within several miles of a chart!), but all of them were tunes that I’ve loved over the years.

Although there are a range of sounds on this mix, this is mostly a tribute to the hoover, a particular sound created on the Roland Juno synthesizer that has been perhaps the key rave motif since Joey Beltram stunned the rave world with his seminal track ‘Mentasm’ in the early 90’s. The hoover has played a long and fertile role in the development of gabba, hardcore, and other styles of rave music, but it was always particularly important to the hard house scene.