Pearsall presents Keysound Recordings Special (Begrime 23-03-2022)

Pearsall presents Keysound Recordings Special (Begrime 23-03-2022)

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Pearsall · Keysound Recordings Special [Recorded for Begrime 23.03.2022]

Mixed in Berlin, March 2022
100% Vinyl
(68:24, 156 MB, 320 kbps MP3)

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  1. Dizzee Rascal – Strings Hoe (Wen Refix) [Keysound Recordings]
  2. Sully – Let You [Keysound Recordings]
  3. Wen – In [Keysound Recordings]
  4. Wen – Road [Keysound Recordings]
  5. JT the Goon – Oil on Ice (Version 2) [Keysound Recordings]
  6. Walton – Cool It VIP [Keysound Recordings]
  7. Kellen303 – WHB [Keysound Recordings]
  8. Detboi – Give Love [Keysound Recordings]
  9. Wen – Play Your Corner ft Riko (Walton Remix) [Keysound Recordings]
  10. Dusk + Blackdown – High Road [Keysound Recordings]
  11. Blackdown – Crackle Blues (Burial Remix) [Keysound Recordings]
  12. Dusk + Blackdown – The Bits ft. Trim [Keysound Recordings]
  13. Logos – King Mob VIP [Keysound Recordings]
  14. Visionist – From A Place [Keysound Recordings]
  15. dlvry – Guilt [Keysound Recordings]
  16. Sully – Casablanca ft Jendor [Keysound Recordings]
  17. Skream – Sweetz (2005 Flex) [Keysound Recordings]
  18. Blackdown – Concrete Streets ft. Durrty Goodz [Keysound Recordings]
  19. Dusk + Blackdown – Kuri Pataka (The Firecracker Girl) [Keysound Recordings]
  20. Geeneus – Knife & Gun ft. Riko, Wiley & Breeze [Keysound Recordings]
  21. Starkey – Gutter Music ft Durrty Goodz [Keysound Recordings]
  22. DVA – Bullet A Go Fly Feat. Badness, Riko, Flow Dan & Killa P (Dusk & Blackdown Remix) [Keysound Recordings]
  23. DJ Sinclair – Gunman What [Keysound Recordings]
  24. Sully – Charms [Keysound Recordings]

This is a mix I did last month for Begrime of some of my favorite tunes from Keysound Recordings, a London-based label that is, in my opinion, one of the most consistently interesting bass music labels of the last 15-20 years. Originally set up as a home for the off-kilter dubstep explorations of Dusk + Blackdown, over the years it has blossomed into a reliable purveyor of interesting takes on all things bass in the 130-140 bpm range (with some journeys above and below that, of course).

Keysound has never really been a label of massive anthems, but it has consistently put out cool, interesting and forward-thinking music, covering everything from dubstep to grime to UK funky and beyond, as well as every now and then covering breakbeats, jungle, weird ambient stuff, and some things that are frankly uncategorizable. This breadth probably has a lot to do with Martin Clark (aka Blackdown’s) main career as a music journalist, as someone who professionally has to engage with a wide range of music and is thus constantly exposed to new artists and new ideas. For a taster, check out his long-running blog Blackdown Soundboy.

Dusk + Blackdown · Keysound Rinse FM 2021

This open horizons approach to bass music is also reflected in their long-running Rinse FM show, which has over the years showcased a simply mind-bending range of artists new and old, covering all kinds of elements and angles.

As this mix was made for Begrime, this naturally tends more towards their grime output, but I’ve still mixed things up quite a bit, with a hefty dosage of dubstep (plus other stuff) thrown in for good measure. This is far from a definitive coverage of Keysound’s output (you would need a looooong mix for that), but it’s a faithful reflection of what I own and like. I hope you will enjoy it!