Pearsall presents Get It 002: Get Robotic (Chunky Electro Beats)

Get Robotic

Pearsall presents Get It 002: Get Robotic

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Mixed in Berlin, December 2018
100% Vinyl
(48:12, 110 MB, 320 kbps MP3)

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Style: Electro

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01. Matt Whitehead – We’re Bombing (Super Rhythm Trax)
02. Cygnus – Iaafos Blank Mix (Textasy Dance Floor Dub) (Craigie Knowes)
03. Dawl – Strange World (Tone Dropout)
04. Benton – Sort It (BBS)
05. Ryan Aitchison – Auxiliary (Warehouse Music)
06. Locked Club – Nega Arashi ft RLGN (Private Persons)
07. Randomer – Shadow Harp (Dekmantel)
08. Corporation Mindfuck – M105 (Hard Beach Entertainment)
09. Kluentah – Nightliner (Mechatronica)
10. DJ Overdose – Your Royal Weirdness (Craigie Knowes)
11. Antonio – Cyborg (Natural Sciencies)
12. Mall Grab – Looking For Trouble (Looking For Trouble)
13. No Moon – Sirens (Mechatronica)
14. Nite Fleit – Little Friend (Steel City Dance Discs)
15. Textasy – Check Yo’ Shit (E-Beamz)

Get It is a new series of no-bullshit fifteen track mixes of new (or at least newish) vinyl. Over the last several years I have gotten back into buying new vinyl in a big way (much to my wife’s chagrin), and so I have increasingly found a need to put it in my mixes so I can listen to it on a daily basis.

As nice as it would be, I don’t think my employers will give me a soundproof office with a set of decks and a pumping speaker system!

So I need to put these tracks on to mixes to listen to them. Hence the concept of Get It:

* Fifteen track mixes are easy to put together, and don’t take too long to record (important when you have little personal time due to work and family responsibilities!)
* My commute is around 40-45 minutes long, so this is pretty much the perfect length to start as I leave home and then finish as I get set up in the office
* Each mix represents a single genre or idea

The first mix in this series, Get It 001: Get Rugged, was an exploration of what I like to call ‘rugged house’ – bass-heavy, breakbeat-inflected house music.

The second mix, featured here, is a quick journey into the sounds of modern electro. Amazingly, this is the first electro mix that I have done since Drop the Hammer 5 in August 2009 – nine years ago! That mix was recorded just after I got married and just before we moved to Edinburgh for me to go back to uni for a post-graduate course – time really flies.

As part of that moving process I decided to slim down my record collection by passing large amounts of records on to my friend Luk Man Hon, aka the Vinyl Pimp, for resale. And this I achieved mostly by removing entire genres from my collection. I have to say that I don’t really miss the hard house, hard techno, or tech-house that I got rid of, but it was definitely a mistake to get rid of the 50-60 electro records that I had in my collection.

I guess electro is one of those things that my taste for comes in waves – after years of being somewhat indifferent to it, my taste for electro was reawakened by attending Mechatronica parties. So pulling together this mix was a nice little project.

Zooming out a bit, I think this was a pretty successful year for the Sonicrampage project, all things considered. As social media has devoured the old message boards it has become harder and harder to get attention for your mixes if you are just a random (mostly) bedroom dj like myself, but I am still on track to have had almost 60,000 listens on Soundcloud (of course, 20,000 alone were for the Carl Cox tribute), and I have managed to make 11 mixes for Sonicrampage, and one for the Acid Wave Podcast which will premiere on the first of January. Which is not bad considering how little free time I have these days! When you have two kids and a full time job it’s hard to get stretches of uninterrupted personal time to do music, and so sadly I don’t have anywhere near as much time for music as I would like, therefore I feel a real sense of accomplishment at having managed to do 12 mixes this year.

Over the last week or so I’ve also been going back through this year’s mixes on my Facebook page, and I’ve been struck by how heavily this year has been oriented to new music (or at least new-ish), which is definitely a departure for me. As I mentioned above, I am back into buying new stuff, so I am recording it and then posting it here and on Soundcloud. One thing I have learned is that generally there is more interest in my mixes of old stuff, especially when it’s either acid or hard trance or jungle / drum n’ bass, any time I deviate there are fewer listens as a general matter.

But then again the Sonicrampage project has always been about having fun with music and exploring different avenues for me … or to put it less pretentiously, providing me with stuff to listen to! If I wanted to make a ‘career’ out of this, I would maximize the audience by sticking to one genre and then just do that one thing over and over again, but that’s not really what I am about (as you know by now).

So, what’s coming up in 2019?

I have loads of ideas!

There’s a special three part acid project that I originally wanted to do after hitting 200,000 listens on Soundcloud – I have it sort of developed, I just need time to record it. Plus I also want to do something interesting with both design and writing to accompany it.

It’s been a few years since Eurotrash 6 – maybe time for another in that series?

I plan to do more mixes in the Get It series, with some ideas for different genres to cover including breakbeat, grime, new ragga jungle and new school hardcore.

I would like to do new tribute mixes to dubstep heroes Mala and Matty G.

As far as jungle / drum n’ bass goes, God there are so many ideas. I would like to do a follow-up to Drumwar, and I would also like to do an old atmospheric jungle mix, similar to That Dream is Over from so many years back. Maybe a Kid Lib tribute mix too, to match my Tim Reaper one from a year ago? Plus it would be fun to dig into my ’93 hardcore collection and follow up on Darkside Generation.

So that’s a lot! In reality, I won’t be able to execute everything that I’ve just mentioned, but it sure will be fun to try.

Have a great Christmas and see you in 2019.