Pearsall presents Drop 10 (A Matty G Tribute Part 2)

A tribute to American dubstep producer Matty G; featuring influences from hip-hop, reggae, electro, soul and drum n’ bass

Drop 10

Pearsall presents Drop 10 (A Matty G Tribute Part 2)

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100% Vinyl!
Mixed in Berlin, December 2015
(28:31, 65.4 MB, 320 kbps MP3)

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Style: A tribute to American dubstep hero Matty G

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01. Matty G – Back To The Bay feat Ugene (Dub Police)
02. Matty G – Cuttin’ n’ Scratchin’ (Argon)
03. Matty G – 95 Style Smooth (Steps In Time)
04. Matty G – West Coast Rocks (Jeep Mix) (Argon)
05. Matty G – Last B-Boy (Argon)
06. Matty G – 50,000 Watts (Argon)
07. Matty G – Watching You (Argon)
08. Matty G & Konfusion – Linval Dub (War)
09. Matty G – Silver & Gold (Steps In Time)
10. Max Romeo & The Upsetters – One Step Forward (Matty G Remix) (War)

Just a quick thing, but recently I decided to put together a second tribute to one of my absolute favorite dubstep producers: the one and only Matty G. Check out the first one here.

Basically, Matty G has over the years taken the original Croydon dubstep blueprint – heavy bass, moody halfstep vibes – and filtered it through a prism of his other musical interests, such as hip-hop, soul, reggae, electro and drum n’ bass. This mix, short as it is, showcases this very clearly. It starts off with what is possibly my favorite track of his, Back To The Bay, which is pure bass-weight combined with soaring horns and smoothed-out synth washes. Just fucking lovely.

Great video too, showcasing that Bay Area lifestyle:

Second up is Cuttin n’ Scratchin’ which was one of the tracks from his album Take You Back. Punishing 808 drums with a memorable synth line, and a perfect segue to 95 Style Smooth, where chopped-up breaks, reminiscent of slowed-down jungle, ride between a low-slung bassline and a mellow string/chord combination. Contemplative music for the dancefloor as well.

Next up is a little sequence showing off his hip-hop influenced side, with West Coast Rocks and 50,000 Watts in particular being stone-cold classics. Thunderous drums, rap samples, and cavernous bass is what made these tunes such undisputed dancehall killers.

Finally, to round things off, there are three reggae-influenced tracks, two of which appeared on the War label, always a good one for bootleg tracks. In particular, it was great to finish off with his remix of One Step Forward, which is also one of my own all-time favorite roots reggae tunes. In fact, I’d highly recommend picking up the album that track comes from, War Ina Babylon.

Lastly, here’s a video interview with the man himself:

Quick & Dirty vol.06 | Matty G from Womp TV on Vimeo.

And oh yeah, sad as it is, I am quite pleased that he shared this mix on his Facebook page: