Tuesday Time Machine: Undercover Dom & Roland

Three awesome jungle/drum n’ bass tracks from the one and only Dom & Roland …

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Hong Kong

Hello Tuesday!

Here’s three tracks from the almighty Dom Angas, aka Dom & Roland, aka one of the finest techstep producers of them all (check his recent banger Unofficial Jah here) – but not tracks under his best-known alter-ego. Nope, these tracks are all undercover Dom – but still with that same amazing quality that has been his hallmark for so many years.

All of these tracks were featured on Vetoe’s recent Dom & Roland tribute mix (check out his guest mix for Sonicrampage here).


Mr. Monik – Pressure (Hyper)

The Dark Master – Darkness (Hyper)

Neo-Tech – Valves (Moving Shadow) (A collaboration with Ed Rush)