Tuesday Time Machine: DJ Dub Rush Special

Who was DJ Dub Rush? I don’t know! But wow, he made some of the greatest jungle music EVER.

Snow Angel by Clayton Cubitt
Snow Angel by Clayton Cubitt

One of the great bonuses of the existence of Discogs and YouTube is that you can use the two services to discover all kinds of amazing music.

Case in point: DJ Dub Rush. The other day I was casually going through a Discogs seller’s list of available ’94 jungle and adding items to my cart (no joke, I have like 100 items in my Discogs cart at any given moment), when I discovered a rather pricey item by someone called DJ Dub Rush.

Look, I consider myself reasonably well informed about jungle, but I’ve never heard of this guy.

So, interest piqued by the combo of stiff price tag and obscure artist name, off to YouTube I went, eager to have a listen.

Whoa …

Damn, this guy made some SERIOUS tunes.

I mean really. Some of the finest jungle I’ve heard. Full stop.

Yet funnily enough, almost no info on this guy exists online – a very cursory Google search found only one post from Blog to the Old Skool. Still, it doesn’t matter, because these tunes are so insanely excellent.

First up, Amazon Girls from his own Back II Back label:

Next up is Horse Rider, also from Back II Back:

Finally, going slightly more old skool hardcore (as opposed to jungle) here’s Nemesis from the Dub Conspiracy Part 1 EP: