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TROTA presents Secret World (A Sonicrampage Guest Mix)

Secret World

TROTA presents Secret World (A Sonicrampage Guest Mix)

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Mixed September 2012
(107:29, 246 MB, 320 KBPS MP3)

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Style: Old Skool European Hard Trance

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Join me for some dubstep action next Friday at the opening of Vinylpimp in Hackney Wick!

Vinylpimp Shop, Hackney Wick

Join me this Friday at the opening of the Vinylpimp shop in Hackney Wick, East London. I’ll be playing from 7:30 to 8:30 (I believe) and I’ll be digging in the crates for some deep dubstep action, similar to what I put together a few months back for my Behind The Mask mix:

More words about this mix:

(This mix is) a bold journey into the depths of my record shelves for some of the choicest dubstep sounds, both anthemic and obscure …

Conceptually, well, there is no concept – I wanted to do a dungeon-style mix of my own, in the same vein as most of the dubstep mixes I’ve been listening to for the last year (like Widowmaker’s Winter Mix, which was featured here a few months back), so, per the process described in my diary of a mix I took out a big stack of records and then whittled them down to a svelte 23 tracks, which I then hacked together in just over 50 minutes. Tunes wise, the mix is deep, dark brooding halfstep for roughly the first 15 tracks before switching up into some more propulsive beats, finishing on a melodic note with the sweet synths of Zomby’s Test Me For A Reason …

I would say that dubstep, especially at the deeper end, is the perfect accompaniment to commuting in London, because, unlike some of the more manic forms of dance music (which, needless to say, I love!), it is, by nature, pretty meditative, which makes it an effective shield against the unpleasantness of commuting in London – the squashed bodies, the delays, the hanging around (it doesn’t help with the outrageous prices, though).

I hope you can join us!

Other dj’s:

Alex Celler (Cinematic, Cécille, Area Remote)
Miro (Sunday Muziq)
Jonny Rock

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Pick My Next Freeformaniacs Mix!

it's not your fucking birthday

… But it is your chance to pick what I do for my next Freeformaniacs mix, which will be broadcast on Thursday the 13th of September so vote now!

<a href="" title="What mix should I do for my next Freeformaniacs show?">What mix should I do for my next Freeformaniacs show?</a>

In case your memory needs jogging, every few months I do a new mix for the Freeformaniacs show on, and this time I wanted to do something a bit special, a bit different, which is why I’ve come up with two concepts, Nu Energy B-Sides and Stage One Early Trancecore Goodies.