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Who’s Up Next? Forthcoming Guest Mixers on Sonicrampage

Introducing 5 dj’s who will be contributing guest mixes to Sonicrampage this year: Dubloke, Mejle, Johan Nilsson, Trota, and Vetoe

London rainbow

Although Sonicrampage is primarily a website devoted to my own mixes, I also love asking other dj’s to contribute their own guest mixes to the site, and by now I’ve got a nice collection of mixes from other dj’s, covering genres as disparate as dubstep, techno, old skool ardkore, hard trance/hard house, and freeform hardcore. Personally, I’m always listening to mixes and checking out new dj’s, so I thought it would be nice to give you guys a little introduction to some of the dj’s who will be contributing guest mixes this year.

First up (since I am doing this in alphabetical order), is Dubloke, a bass music dj from London that I first encountered on DSF; I’ve asked him to contribute an instrumental grime mix similar to my own Drop The Hammer 8 and, well, this:

Secondly, there is Mejle from Denmark, another guy I discovered on the Dubstep Forum. He’s a bass music dj, and I’m really looking forward to his contribution! If you enjoyed my mix Taste The Rainbow, then you’ll dig his stuff. Here’s his most recent mix:

Johan Nilsson is the third dj who has promised a mix. From Sweden, Johan is also known as DJ Irish, and he has produced loads of great mixes for his own site Assorted Trance, covering all styles of trance, from uplifting to progressive to hard to acid, with some particularly tasty mixes that look back to the mid-90’s glory days. I’ve asked Johan to hook me up with an old skool mix, and I’m really excited to hear it! If you enjoyed my own Eurotrash 3 then you should dig his stuff:

The fourth of the dj’s coming this year is Trota, a very versatile British dj who has done mixes across all kinds of dance music genres. A man after my own heart! Trota has offered to do an old skool European hard trance mix, similar to what I did with Heartcore. Now that is something to look forward to. 😀

Here’s his most recent mix, a journey into classic freeform sounds:

Last but not least is Miami’s DJ Vetoe. I first encountered his mixes on the Ragga Jungle forum. As you will know, I love the 90’s sounds of jungle/drum n’ bass (check out Urban Takedown, my most recent mix in this style), and Vetoe is a man with a great knowledge of and taste for this particular musical era. He also has a pretty obviously amazing record collection, because when I listen to his mixes I’m constantly hearing awesome tunes from back in the day that I have never heard before!