Sunday listen: T_! – Nominated

Massive new four deck dubstep/grime mix from T_! of Macabre Unit.

T_! – “NOMINATED” – 4 decks by T_macabre

Happy Sunday!

Hope your weekend has been good – here’s a mix that was sent through to me yesterday that I’m very happy to post about. It’s called Nominated and it’s a massive 4-deck mix of all kinds of dubstep/grime goodies from T_! of Macabre Unit. I was a bit dubious when I first saw the tracklisting, as even though it has lots and lots and lots of good tunes, I thought that fitting that many tunes into 77 minutes would be overkill. I mean, sure I’m someone with a short attention span when it cames to mixing, but even I have my limits. Fortunately, I was wrong! He’s done an excellent job of weaving the massive number of tracks into the mix in a way that is subtle yet compelling, with the tracks floating in and out nicely.

It’s definitely not the OCD dropfest I halfway feared!

Another nice feature to the mix is that although it is mostly eyes down dubstep, he’s slipped in enough grime flourishes to freshen up the vibe periodically so it’s not all introspective gloom (although gloomy dungeon sound dubstep is of course something I love) – overall, the mix has a really good balance of vibes throughout. I also enjoyed the mixture of fresh dubs and venerable classics – too often with online mixes people just try to show off the fact that they have a lot of dubplates, which frankly I’ve never cared much about. After all, ‘new’ is not a synonym for ‘good’. I’d rather listen to old, good tunes intelligently put together than a bunch of new crap piled up thoughtlessly. As for the mixing, well, obviously it’s really fucking good – you have to have a lot of confidence in your mixing ability to try to pull off a four deck mix, and he’s definitely nailed it. I like it a lot. You will too. Promise.


Content- The Maori
Pheral & Occult- Unseen
Widowmaker- Forgotten Ruin
Anex- Delusion (Demon Remix)
Fused Forces- Space Empty
Mala- Blue Notes
Cyrus- Ears Lowered
Sleeper & Thelem- Untitled
TMSV & June Miller- Ghost Ship
Scratchy- Shangoolie
Dcult- A Choice Was Made
Afterdark- Change Me
Hatti Vatti- You (Phaeleh Remix)
Geeneus- Detroit
Demon- Paper Chase
LAXX- Warning
Compa- Antact
Tunnidge- Aftershock
Dj Madd- Imagination
V.I.V.E.K- Diablo
Terror Danjah- Frontline (D.O.K Remix)
Demon- Sgt. Slaughter
Wiley- What Do You Call It (Bass Mix)
Benga- Electro Music
Lurka- Skeptic
DCult- Inner Peace
Mala- Eyez VIP
Versa- Shadow Movements
LAS- Memories
Dj Madd & TMSV- Difference (J:Kenzo Remix)
Killawatt- Codex
Digital Mystikz- Neverland
Dj Madd- Futureless
Distance & Tunnidge- Blame
Benga- Zombie Jig
J:Kenzo- Engage
Coki- Earth a Run Red
Widowmaker- Heihachi
Skream- feat Trim- Tweedle Dum
Target- Runway
Teeza- The Set Up
Versa- Lucid VIP
Statik feat D Double E- Superdoop
Other Echoes- Further
LAXX- Self Destruct
Ed:It- Sphere (Eleven8 Remix)
Lurka- Refresher
Shotz- Creep
Compa- Sentence
Core- Wasteland
Fat Freddy’s Drop- Cays Crays (Digital Mystikz Remix)

If you want to check out some of his other mixes, his Soundcloud is here, plus there’s a whole Dubstepforum thread on his mixes worth checking as well. Also, if you like the kind of old skool grime stuff I put on Drop The Hammer 8, then you’ll definitely enjoy these original Macabre Unit tunes:

Crazily enough, I sold these tunes for a couple quid a few years ago when grime wasn’t much in demand … to buy them back today I’d have to spend way more. Argh, the lessons of life.

In other site news, tomorrow I’ll be posting the other mixes from the Old School Mix Marathon, followed by my own Rampage Turbo 9 on Tuesday/Wednesday, and yesterday I recorded Morally Diminished 3, a one-take funky techno throwdown that I’m quite pleased with.

See you tomorrow.