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Guest Mix: Widowmaker’s Winter Mix

Dungeon-deep dubstep sounds from Widowmaker, featuring tracks by Widowmaker, Skream, J:Kenzo, Distance, and more.

Widowmaker’s Winter Mix

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Mixed in October 2011
(30:01, 42.3 MB, 192 KBPS MP3)

Large cover

Style: Dubstep (The Dungeon Sound)

Direct link to the mix:


01. Ben Verse – Dark Star (Wheel & Deal)
02. Breakage – Higher (Digital Soundboy)
03. Skream – Filth (Tempa)
04. J:Kenzo – Ruffhouse (feat. Rod Azlan) (Tempa)
05. Widowmaker – Operator (Dub)
06. Distance – Devastator (Chestplate)
07. Organics – Classified (Dub)
08. Surge – Leech ft Rox (Wheel & Deal Dub)
09. District – Notes (Dub)
10. Widowmaker & Teknian – Deadline (Dub)
11. Haze – Badness Ting (Dub)
12. District – Gutter (Dub)
13. Widowmaker – The Island (Dub)

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‘Winter Mix’ (DISTRICT, ORGANICS, J:KENZO, HAZE, SURGE etc.) by Widowmaker

Hello again, I hope you are all enjoying the start to your 2012!

2012 is kicking off with a bang here at Sonicrampage, with a whole stack of guest mixes to come in January (at least in theory), plus some new material from myself.

First up is Widowmaker’s Winter Mix, a rather excellent mix that I have offered to host because (1) I really enjoy it, and (2) it’s no longer available to download from Soundcloud. As good a reason as any, right?

This mix is a perfect summary of the deeper, darker strand of dubstep that I’ve really been enjoying over the last few months; if you liked Audio Addict’s Beneath mix back in August, then you’ll love this. People are calling it the dungeon sound, which to me seems a little silly (what next, Fritzlstep?), but I guess it suits the atmospheric, bass-heavy, rolling half-step sounds pretty well. In a way, it’s funny (well, funny peculiar, not funny ha ha) that this stuff actually needs to be given its own sub-genre name, given how in tune all of this stuff is with the archetypal DMZ dubstep sound.

I suppose the rationale is that so many people outside the scene now associate ‘dubstep’ with the aggressive yet cartoony mid-range wobble sound that has become so popular over the last year or two (particularly in America), therefore the producers/dj’s/fans/angry forum warriors on the deeper side of dubstep need it to distinguish themselves from the purveyors of ‘brostep’. Needless to say, as someone who made two Wobble City mixes, I’m not going to insult wobble, or the people who make it and like it, even though I’ve been listening to it a lot less recently and I’m not so keen on some of the noiser stuff from guys like Skrillex (not that I have anything against the guy personally, like so many people seem to). Having said that, I really liked Cotti’s recent(ish) mix for Mixmag, though, that had some excellent wobblers.

Generally speaking, my taste in music tends to run in cycles, so that at different points I am more interested in certain things than others – I can’t imagine being one of those people who fixates on one sound and then listens to nothing but that for years on end. In dubstep terms, therefore, that has meant that having gone through a phase of listening to tons of wobble, I then went through a period where I listened to a lot of deeper stuff, along the lines of what I put on my Summer Snapshop mix, before turning more recently to the kind of darker half-step stuff featured on this mix, as well as on a whole stack of other great mixes that I’ve grabbed in 2011 from people like Kryptic Minds, Benton, Cyrus, N-Type, Mala, and more.

As for Widowmaker himself, honestly I know nothing about the guy, beyond the fact that he is a dj and producer whose Progressions mix I hammered last spring. Since I enjoyed that mix so much, I eagerly snapped up his new winter mix (this one) when I saw it on Dubstep Forum. I downloaded, I enjoyed, and since the downloads on Soundcloud had run out, I happily offered to host it. Having said that, since I had already deleted the original single mp3 file (you know me, I always chop up mixes), it is only available as a zip file split into individual tracks. Which shouldn’t be a problem, I hope.

Anyways, enough waffling from me. Enjoy the mix!