Muzik Magazine

Muzik Magazine

Here’s something that’s pretty cool:

The entire archives of Muzik Magazine

For those of you who don’t know, Muzik Magazine was a British dance music magazine that ran for a number of years from the mid-90’s. It was a competitor to Mixmag, DJ, and Ministry, as well as all of the smaller, more underground dance mags that were also around back in the day (like Wax, Dream, M8, etc). I was a pretty religious reader for a while, and then it lost its way, and then it became pretty crap, and then I stopped reading at around issue 50. Still, though, it had a good run, and it’s pretty amazing that they’ve stuck the whole archive up in PDF form for people to download. Lots of dance music history to be uncovered.

Just think kids, the British club scene used to be able to sustain multiple monthly magazines with actual full time staff and everything. Crazy concept, huh?