Getting it hopelessly wrong

Firstly, big up the mighty M-Zone for posting this video. Wow! (That gun-finger guy probably felt super rough the next day!)

Anyways, I’m 30, right. Married, a father, good job. A proper grown-up (more or less).

You would think I would be pretty sensible by now, right? And generally I am. No more three day parties for me!

Even so, sometimes I do things that are just foolish, that betray a real lack of foresight.

Like reading YouTube comments.

I know what you’re thinking … why subject myself to that? Although it is a great service, and a world-changing site, for some reason, YouTube also seems to attract a huge number of sub-literate morons, so reading the comments below most videos is an exercise in masochism.

Anyways, I was reading the comments (because, as mentioned, I’m not always sensible), and I noticed several members of the younger generation complaining that the people in the video weren’t dressed up and weren’t doing cool dancing.

Seriously, kids. What. The. Fuck.

Talk about missing the point, about getting things hopelessly, hopelessly muddled.

Raving was never about dressing up whether in fancy clothes or in neon bollocks with bracelets up to your elbows. It was about going out, dancing, meeting people, and having fun – about not worrying about impressing people or being cool or anything like that.

It’s the same with the dancing – the point was that you didn’t have to be a good dancer, but that you went out, expressed yourself, and had fun. When I spent a couple years back in New York and went out to raves that was one of the things I always noticed – lots of people standing around watching other people dance. That’s not how you do it! Just have fun and enjoy yourself and who cares if you look silly?

Life is long enough that you have many years ahead of you to worry what other people think about you; when you’re young you might as well take advantage of it and go for it.